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Our Training Programs

Linux Training

We are known for Linux Training in Chandigarh. Our Training methodology is based on practical training where we have designed Live problem solving environment and with this aspirants get change to do work on versatile industry based assignments not just preparation for certification.

PHP Training

Our real time assignments & questioners are the most important speciality that differentiate us for PHP Training in Chandigarh. After completion of the training one become expert programmer in PHP with CMS & FrameWork customization to work on ONLINE projects.

Web Designing Course

Now Internet being device sensitive designing has to be done for web sites, for android devices, i-phone & tablets etc.. JOBs with web designing training in Chandigarh is increasing every day because of these changing trends. This is one of the courses that one must join.

SEO Training

We are technical consultant for various colleges & universities across northerner India where we do online campaigning for their promotions and students get change to work on such big projects who have joined us for SEO training in Chandigarh. We are professional bloggers and make money online.

Android Training

Get your APP LIVE on Google play free of charge once you learn how to build real-world and fun mobile applications. Our Android training in Chandigarh program covers the basics of building apps to advanced concepts such as 3D components, use the Android APIs, Animations, Media, Web Services, Sensors & GPS etc..

Cloud Computing

We are CBitss Technologies provides real-time and placement focused Cloud computing training in Chandigarh. We have designed cloud computing course syllabus based on students requirement to achieve career goal. Our cloud computing training program, provide a knowledge about cloud computing components, Softwares and services etc.

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Logical Volume Management

What is LVM (Logical Volume Management)? LVM is a tool for logical volume management which includes appropriate disks, striping, mirroring and realizing logical volumes. With LVM, a hard drive or set of hard drives is allocated to one or other physical volumes. LVM physical volumes can be arranged on other block devices which efficiency span

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Android verses IOS

Android Training in Chandigarh Android industry has become popular in the last few years. With the popularity of Smartphones among people, the demand for Android has increased. Get the best Android training in Chandigarh from experts and be industry ready. What is Android? Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is mainly

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Learn PHP

PHP training in Chandigarh PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a widely-used open source scripting language and a popular source which is free to download. PHP files can contain HTML, CSS, JavaScript, text and PHP code. The scripts are executed on the server and the result is returned to the browser as plain

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How to improve your AdWords conversion rate Ad campaigns should bring you closer to new possibility and clients. But how well are you able to judge their success? AdWords Conversion rate is your prosperity rate at advice consumers to click on your ads and transfer  a single action, such as a purchase a product. It is evaluation

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Biography of Ms. Dimple Parkoia: Helping you succeed Through Online Marketing Name: Dimple Parkoia Famous as: Digital Marketing Expert Birth Date: 14th December Born in: Himachal Pradesh Religion: Hindu Nationality: Indian Dimple Parkoia is a Digital Marketing Expert at CBitss Technologies. SEO training Chandigarh is the best example that shows her experience, her hard work

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Latest PHP Trends in 2018

Latest PHP Trends 2018 PHP is one of the most simple to use the server-side scripting language. PHP frameworks are developed to complement PHP in many ways as they cater a basic structure and enforce the developers to use coding standards and development guidelines to stabilize the product and standardize the process. So this helps

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Compiling Binary Information To Security Specialization

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