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Android Interview tips

Learn Android Interview Tips with Android training in Chandigarh

Android interview

The demand for mobile app developers, especially Android, is still very high. Android training in Chandigarh has done many interviews over the last two years and has given extensive discussions about the requirements and given anything. I want to share what I have learned in my various encounters for the senior level developer and also share some tips for Android interview.


11 best tips for Android Interview :

Have your basics clear: firstly and most important point to before going an android interview. You must have completely knowledge of basic Android programming and will also take you through some advance concepts related to Android application development.

Alternative Methods / Workings: Many interviewers prefer to interfere while asking questions for understanding the candidate’s knowledge, one should be aware of several ways of doing the same work according to the situation. For example, if we do not have permission to use SynTax, is there any other way of doing background work without explicitly using Java thread class?

UI/UX : This is the favorite of most interviewers , android has extensive guidelines for UI/UX for different screen sizes and how to deal with them. Many questions are asked from this area.

Networking and DB: Now almost all application data is powered and web is back end which is used for any type of data sync. For a senior developer, it is necessary to understand all aspects of the network I / O.

At this stage, the design of scaling applications is an important requirement and some design questions can be expected. Ability to relational database concepts and to design them and write basic questions is a must.

Java Concepts: Android training in Chandigarh shares this important topic to help prepare for an Android interview. Java is the most important concept to brush Java basics, threading, legacy, polymorphism etc.

Why and how: For a mature developer, it is expected that not only will he know which component to use, but also can answer why and how the component works. For example, how do handlers work internally or how multiple async tasks can be run in parallel? The pros and cons of using a particular component should be understood.

Design Pattern: This is a very bad area, and its knowledge is essential to show that you are “senior”. If I had only one dollar to calculate the difference between singleton class and singleton pattern.

Algorithm: It is always good to have basic understanding and application of various search and sorting algorithms. In the India context the direct application of the algorithm can not be asked, but for the foreigner interview it becomes crooks.

Other frameworks: This is always an additional benefit in enterprise app development especially if developers have knowledge of hybrid frameworks such as Cordova, robotium etc.

Experience: The challenges that you have faced in your career and how you have overcome them. It will include both technical and development. Knowledge of the tight process is very desirable. In today, Era android training in Chandigarh give you important advice, if you get a job best company you have must experienced and good knowledge of android.

Assignment: Assignment these days are becoming popular as a rowing to measure the candidate, if you have been given the assignment, please make sure that the code you are submitting is completely incomplete, many times I have asked the interviewers If you have submitted your assignment without actually understanding the code, the rejection is guaranteed if you can not interpret your code.

For more details, visit Android training in Chandigarh.

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Tally ERP9 introduction, features and vouchers

Introduction –

  • What is tally
  • Features-of-tally
  • Types of Voucher in Tally

Whats is Tally ERP9?

In our lives the account is very important. To prepare and maintain records in business, it is very important for the preparation of various accounts in government offices and for businessmen. Accounting is equally important for every person as much as money. Tally ERP9 means that accounting should be done to keep accounting and keeping records. Mama was said to say that what was spent on what was spent on today. How much was spent on acquiring the goods. All these works come under the Tally.

Tally is an accounting software, which is Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a computer software manufactured by a multinational Indian company, in general colloquial tally is seen by adding accounting, keeping accounting of any company’s financial transaction (income / expense) in its business is accounting. In earlier times, it is kept in writing by hand in writing, with the changes of time, today the computer is used to maintain the company’s account.

If you are looking best tally training in chandigarh then cbitss is right place to learn tally , quickbooks

When it comes to accounting in a computer, the only software that comes in the mind is Tally. The company’s main office in Bangalore, which deals with business practices and accounts, is stored in the computer. Tally software is very popular in many other countries other than India, Tally is the most important aspect in business management.

In the book register diary, we draw a line from the pencil to the line and make the arrangement and arranges everything together and also calculator for counting. In addition to this, a software is available on the computer without any hassle making graph Checking Accounting, keeping records can be done all easily, this is the only Tally ERP9 & GST

Like employees of Companion employees, income on company’s resources, various bank accounts, transaction records, all these work of talis.

Tally ERP9


With the expansion of business types, the development and utilization of the tally is also being done separately and easily.

Tally ERP9 is the most popular financial accounting software in India and abroad. Because of its easy-to-use, simplicity, user compatibility and reliability, it has earned reputation among the chartered accountants, editors and other financial institutions. Tally is being used by almost every company for its accounting purposes, from small business to large establishments. They want trained employees who know computer use and talented. Traditional book accounting methods have been completely replaced with Tally.

Tally’s initial release was Tally 4.5 version. This DOS based software was released in the early 1990’s. This was the basic financial accounting tool. Personal computers in those days were gaining popularity in India. Peutronics (Tally Developing Company) took advantage of this opportunity and presented its tally 4.5 version in the market. The auditors and accountants who used to calculate the bulk of the fat-bound books were used to calculate balance sheets and profit-loss accounts within a few moments, after being able to calculate the ability to tally. To do all this, we have to create mere lasers and enter vouchers

Tally does the rest of the work. He will make all the statements for us, trial balance and balance sheet.

Tally forward Tally, 5.4, Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2 Tally 8.1 and Tally 9.0 versions were released. Under these volumes, the inventory used for stock management of the company, payroll for workers’ pay calculation and wage payments and support for payroll payments and Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and many other Indian languages Multilingual support has been included for.

In the tally, the user can do the following.


Features of tally ERP9 :

Following are the Features of Tally.ERP 9:

  • Interest Calculation:
  • Cost Centres and Profit Centres
  • Multi-currency:
  • Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Cash and Fund Flow
  • Bank Accounting
  • Cheque Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • e-Payments:

Read more About Features of Tally Read our blog


Voucher in Tally ERP9:

Vouchers are used to enter into transactions in the trade i.e. the transaction.

Example: purchase invoice, sales receipt, bank interest statement etc.

“A voucher is a financial transaction. “

Types of Voucher

  • Contra Voucher (F4)
  • Payment Voucher (F5)
  • Receipt Voucher (F6)
  • Journal Voucher (F7)
  • Sales Voucher (F8)
  • Credit Note Voucher (Ctrl + F8)
  • Purchase Voucher (F9)
  • Debit Note Voucher (Ctrl + F9)
  • Reversing Voucher (F10)
  • Memo Voucher (Ctrl + F10)


1. Contra Voucher (F4): The Contra Voucher is used to transfer funds. In the Contra Voucher, the transactions between cash and bank are recorded. That’s why only cash and bank related lagers are displayed in it.

Example :

  • Cash deposited into bank
  • Cash withdraw from bank
  • Check deposit into bank
  • Check Receive from bank

2. Payment Voucher : This voucher is used to keep a record of all types of transactions related to the payment, whether the payment is in cash or through the bank.

Example :

  • Salary paid
  • Wages Paid to Mohan
  • Cash paid to Shyam
  • Discount given on goods
  • Rent Paid

3. Receipt Voucher : Receipt Voucher is used for entry related to receipt.

Example :

  • Cash receive from aman
  • Salary Receive
  • Rent Receive
  • Commission receive to ram

4. Journal Voucher : Journal vouchers are an adjustment voucher, so it is used for normal entry.

Example :

  • Credit Assets Purchase / Sales
  • Drawings / Donation / Charity as Goods
  • Goods Distributed as Free Sample
  • Loss by fire / Loss by theft
  • Any Adjustment Entry

5. Sales Voucher: Sales voucher is used to sell all the transactions related to the sale, whether cash or borrowed.


  • Sold goods worth 1500
  • Selling furniture to Mohan
  • Rama sold cash machines
  • Sanjay sold the goods.

6. Purchase Voucher: Purchase Voucher is used to purchase all the transactions related to purchasing, whether cash or borrowed.


  • Furniture Purchase
  • Machine Purchase from Sohan
  • Goods Purchase from Mohan by cash
  • Building Sold

7. Credit Note Voucher: Credit note Voucher is used for entry related to the sale of the sale, apart from this, it is also used to enter the discount on the goods. Before using this voucher, it has to be activated. To activate it, pressing F11 key has to be done using yes.

Example :

  • Sold out goods
  • 10% discount on the goods sold

8. Debit Note Voucher: The Debit Note Voucher is used to enter into the relate to the purchase return, apart from this, it is also used to enter the discount on merchandise. Before using this voucher, it has to be activated. To activate it, pressing F11 key has to be done using yes.


  • Bought back the goods
  • 10% discount on purchased goods

9. Reversing Voucher: This is a special type of voucher that automatically becomes similar to a journal voucher after a certain period. This voucher is used to reverse the entry.

10. Memo Voucher: This is a non-accounting voucher. It is used for memory related entry. The effect of the entry made in this voucher does not affect any statement.

Example :

  • Advance salary given to employee.
  • Office expenses.
  • Goods given to Shiva.

More information  About Tally ERP 9  And Tally training in Chandigarh you can visit our website.


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Linux training in Chandigarh

Directory structure of linux

As a usually very organized Virgo, I like to store things in small, organized teams rather than in a big bucket. The use of directories helps me store and find the files I want. Directories are also referred to as folders because they can be thought of as folders that store files in a physical desktop analogy. Today, we discuss Linux directory structure with Linux training in Chandigarh.

In Linux and many other operating systems, directories can be built in a hierarchical tree structure. The Linux directory structure is defined and documented in the Linux File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS). When accessing these directories, these directories are implemented by using deeper directory names such as / var / log and / var / spool / mail. These are called paths.

Directory structure


The following table replenish a brief list of well-known and defined top-level Linux standard directories and their purpose.



/ (root filesystem) The root file system is the top directory of the file system. It must contain all the files required by the Linux system that was started before other file systems were installed. It must contain all the necessary executables and libraries needed to boot the remaining file system. After the system is booted, all other file systems will be installed as subdirectories of the root file system on a standard, well-defined installation point.
/bin The /bin directory contains user executables.
/boot Contains the static boot loader and kernel executables and configuration files needed to start a Linux computer
/dev This directory contains device files for each hardware device connected to the system. These are not device drivers, but rather files that represent each device on the computer and are easy to access.
/etc Contains the host’s local system configuration file.
/home The home directory of the user file is stored. Each user has a subdirectory in / home.
/lib Contains the shared library files needed to boot the system.
/media Install the location of an external removable media device (such as a USB thumb drive) that may be connected to the host.
/mnt Temporary mount points on regular file systems (for example, in non-removable media) can be used by an administrator to repair or process file systems.
/opt Optional files (such as vendor-provided applications) should be located here.
/root This is not the root (/) file system. It is the root user’s home directory.
/sbin System binary file. These are executable files for system management.
/tmp Temporary directory. The operating system and many programs are used to store temporary files. Users may also temporarily store files here. Please note that files stored here may be deleted at any time without notice.
/usr These are shareable read-only files, including executable files and libraries, man files, and other types of documents..
/var Variable data files are stored here.This can include log files, MySQL and other database files, web server data files, email inboxes, etc.

Table :  Linux filesystem hierarchy

The directories and their subdirectories and their subdirectories shown in Table 1 are considered part of the root file system. That is, they cannot be created as separate file systems and are installed at startup. This is because they (especially their contents) must appear at startup to allow the system to start properly.

The /media and /mnt directories are part of the root file system, but they do not contain any data. Instead, they are only temporary mount points

The remaining directories (directories with no background color in Table 1) do not need to exist in the boot sequence, but will be installed during the boot sequence so that the host can perform useful work.(FHS) refer to the official Linux File System Hierarchy Standards make it sure in these directories and their many subdirectories. Wikipedia also has a good description of FHS. This standard should be adhered to as far as possible to ensure the consistency of operation and function. This hierarchical directory structure is the same regardless of the file system type used on the host.

By RedHat linux certification in Chandigarh | Linux training in Chandigarh 

If you have questions, please add them to the comments below and I will try to answer them.

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Call-only Campaigns

AdWords Call-Only Campaigns – Who Should Use Them?

Call-only campaigns

To get phone calls for business, You should set a AdWords call-only campaign to inspire customers to call you by tapping or clicking on your ad. With call-only campaigns, you bid to ride calls to your business rather of clicks to your website. Anyone can set their ads to show only when your business can take calls, so that no one miss an activity to connect with their customers.

This is an descriptive article about call-only campaigns. For instructions, go to Create a call-only campaign. To add phone numbers to physical text ads, skip to About call extensions. Get More Knowledge about these Call-Only Campaigns with PPC Training in Chandigarh.

call-only campaigns

How AdWords Call-Only Campaigns work?

Ads created in AdWords call-only campaigns are adjust to show only on mobile devices that are accomplished of making calls. Taps on these ads will only generate calls they are not linked to a website. These ads are very adjustable with how they can arrive. To optimize for mobile and appreciate performance, your ads may not constantly show every line of text you enter when context your campaign. This can accessible for Adwords call-only campaigns, that also be fantastic in actions to make the better of the lessor screen space on mobile devices.
Extensions develop your ad with addition advice and can give your ad higher accuracy and height on the search results page. There is no amount is added and it is accepted that you add all development that are relevant to your business. Clicks on your ad will be charged as constant.

Here are some key points to know about using call-only campaigns:

  • You can share your phone numbers beyond ads within an ad group or integrated campaign.
    You can set numbers to show only when your business can take calls.
  • You can count calls as growth. Learn more About phone call growth tracking and About call reporting.
    Clicks on your number are the same cost as caption clicks.
  • Call-only campaigns are not yet accessible for campaigns targeting the Display Network.
  • When you create a new ad in your call-only campaign, you’ll be challenge to enter a phone number for your business.
  • It is the way to approve your ad and number, we’ll ask for a documents URL, which should lead to page that display your phone number. Learn more about Call-only ad conditions.
  • Users in India have the benefits to place a phone call straightly, or select the missed call option. If a user absolute the missed call option, AdWords will place one call to the advertiser and additional the user, then associate the calls once both the user and organizer are on the line.

What Businesses Need This Call-Only Feature?

If the steep depends on phone calls above all else, it’s likely to achieve greatly with call-only campaigns. Diverse, extensive discussions with a aggression of clients in different industries to rely upon. In the sufficient amount of discussions, numerous clients had settled down so that their business was so adjusted to phone calls that they were sure to see success with the option.

It appear to me that the ratio of users that chose the click-to-call article on mobile vs the total number of mobile beat would be a sure sign. We can call it the Mobile Click-to-Call Rate.

The Call-Only Campaign Type Purpose

If the option was before available to make the call development phone call only, why did Google bother enhance it to a separate campaign type?

Google made this move for three reasons:

  • Many people were annoyment about conditions imposed by Enhanced Campaigns, as Enhanced Campaigns did not grant mobile campaigns from being disjointed from desktop campaigns.
  • Many sences call-only campaigns would achieve much better for definite industries than everywhere campaigns.
  • Google believes the dump point of mobile traffic has arrived.

While the enhanced unit can activate the option to increase the mobile bid modifier, it also forces mobile and desktop ads to be optimized together. This structure can create worse results for the accounts. The purpose these Call-Only Campaign are given , get more Information about Call-Only with PPC Training in Chandigarh.

Part of the problem is how valuable are phone calls compared to the user’s ability to research the company’s website. In the aforementioned companies that should use this new type of campaign, call-only campaigns have generated an incredible increase in business. It just made too much sense for Google not to promote a specialized type of campaign.

Google has hesitated to do something that reduces competition and the average cost per click on desktop computers and tablets. On the other hand, Google may believe that it can generate a much greater mobile competition in certain vertical markets by promoting mobile-only campaigns that only allow telephone calls.

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Android Latest version – AndroidP

An open source that is based on Linux, Android is a powerful operating system for smartphones, tablets, and computers. It mainly works on Java language, though other computer languages can be used while working with Android. Android training in Chandigarh is the best way to learn and expertise in Androids.

The advent of Android: Its evolution

Interestingly, all the versions of Android are named after something sweet. Android is also a treat for your smart gadgets as it is known to make our work easy and fast. The Android journey began in September 2008, but the delicious names began from April 2009 Let us take a quick tour of all the versions of Android from the beginning.

  1. Alpha (Oldest)
  2. Beta
  3. Cupcake
  4. Donut
  5. Eclair
  6. Froyo
  7. Gingerbread
  8. Honeycomb
  9. Ice Cream Sandwich
  10. Jelly Bean
  11. KitKat
  12. Lollipop
  13. Marshmallow
  14. Nougat
  15. Oreo
  16. Android Popsicle (Latest)

AndroidP (Android Popsicle)

The latest Android version is expected to be released in August 2018. It announce a new gesture-driven interface. A Dashboard that provide you an overview of the time that you have to spent on your device in a day. And also help in optimizations to reduce battery drain, and many more.

AndroidP - Android training in Chandigarh

Disscuss about some features of AndroidP :

The basis of this version is simplicity and digital wellbeing along with the most important aspect- the Intelligence. Have a look on all the three characteristics of the long-awaited Android P:


  • Adaptive Battery: This version utilizes the machine learning to analyze for how long you use a particular app, when do use it, activating them only when they are expected to be required and that too in an energy-conserving manner.
  • Adaptive Brightness: Set your screen brightness level and the Android will utilize the information to provide appropriate lighting, and then managing those adjustments for your screen’s background. 
  • App Actions: Takes into account the App Predictions feature. It is capable of making suggestions by recommending the actions that you will most likely make.


Android Popsicle is a powerful yet simple version of Android. With its new home button, Android is expected to simplify things, is it???

Brand new Home Button, a wait worthwhile…

Android, as we all know, supports 3 buttons for navigation, but the new Android P only has an elongated Home button. The question now is how can you see your other active apps?

In Android Popsicle, you can see open apps in two ways: either by swiping up from the home button to see various app cards or by simply using Quick Scrub, a new gesture invented so that you can slide the Home button from side to side. Interesting isn’t it.

Open apps with the new gesture

Now, to take a quick look at your open apps, you have to tap the Home button and then move your finger to one side immediately. If you hold it for long, then Google Assistant will emerge for your help.

The overview menu will help you to scroll through your open apps for as long as the Home button does not come back in the center. You have to keep on scrolling till you reach your desirable app and once you reach the app, stop scrolling. The screen will reflect your choice of app. This Quick Scrub gesture works for any and every app, and it doesn’t matter which part of the OS you are in.

Closing the apps

Quick Scrub helps you to see open apps and access them. If you want to do something extra with them apart from this, then you need to properly open the Overview menu. This is possible by swiping the Home button in the upward direction.

An array of static app cards will pop-out. If you want to close any of these apps, simply swipe up the card and swoosh! it’s closed. The simplicity of Android P is expected to bring popularity to this latest version.

Copy and Pasting becomes easier

In the current version of Android, to copy or paste any text from any app, say an email, we have to open the app in full view. You then long-press to activate the highlighting bars on the text. After that, you stretch those grey handles to select the text that you want and then choose the action command( copy or paste) from the pop-up menu.

In the Android P, all these actions remain the same, but, now there is no need to open the app in full view. The copy and paste function will be available in the overview task pane. There is no need to toggle on-and-off between the full view of the apps. Now, this is known as the simplicity of Smartphones and, of course, smartness.

Learn in-depth information, trends and techniques about Android from our program of Android Training in Chandigarh. Receive training from experts and get ready to hit the market with your expertise.

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