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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Today , Introduction to digital marketing has opened the more opportunities for businesses. By using different channels of digital marketing, businesses can not just share their product and services online; Apart from this they can get customers for their business, entice them and change them to promote their ROI. The speed and simplicity with which the digital media transmits data and support any business is surprising.In this Introduction to Digital Marketing each single aspect of Digital Marketing will be discussed to help marketers understand what Digital Marketing is, how it actions, and how it can help them develop their marketing campaign.

Difference b/w Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing :

  1. Communication is unidirectional in traditional marketing, which means that an organization communicates with its audiences about its services.
  2. The medium of communication in traditional marketing is usually phone calls , emails and letters.
  3. In traditional marketing it takes more time to design, prepare and launch a campaign.
  4. It is best to reach the local audience.
  5. Measuring the effectiveness of the traditional marketing campaign is almost impossible.

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Digital Marketing :

  1. Communication is bidirectional in Digital Marketing because businesses can communicate with customers and customers can ask questions or suggestions to businesses as well.
  2. The communication medium is more powerful and includes social media websites, chats, apps and Email.
  3. Digital marketing campaigns can be developed very fast and with digital tools  Digital Marketing campaigns are easier.
  4. It is very effective to reach global audiences.
  5. Digital Marketing lets you measure the efficiency of a digital marketing campaign through analytics.


Digital Marketing conclude targets of marketing of a business through several Digital Marketing Channels. Now, in this Introduction to Digital marketing guide, we will go through various digital marketing channels and understand their roles-

Introduction to Digital Marketing Channels  :

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

SEO can be understood as the procedure of optimizing the website’s structure, design, and content so the Search engines can index them correctly and place sites in the top results of SERPs. SEO also include various promotional activities that promote search engine ranking of your site.

2.Social Media Marketing :

Social Network Marketing involve marketing strategies that use social media channels as a marketing tools to optimize the performance of a brand, target audiences, conversions and returns. Adding social media links to the site content Social Media marketing can be done . IIt can also be promoted through updating tweets, status, blog posts, photos, etc. through social media channels. Most Digital Marketing considers SMM as the second most important digital marketing channels.

  • Social media marketing receives direct online response from its customer on various social websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Facebook Marketing :

  • Facebook includes the most powerful social media marketing appearance that confess marketers afford videos, photos, longer description option and testimonials on their Facebook page for others to see.
  • Marketers can create a group or join a group of their liking on Fb and ask questions or give answers related to topics correlate with your types of businesses.
  • There are automated arrange tools accessible to automate Facebook Marketing, which makes it one of the most significant SMM channels integrated in most of the basics of digital marketing e-guides.

Twitter Marketing :

  • Twitter marketing is the best styles to reach new customers without invading their privacy.
  • Twitter is actually a micro blogging service that allow  marketers to send and receive messages.
  • It helps businesses contact and connect with their customers.
  • You can also create your personal page in twitter, upload your site and share instruction regarding your business on Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing :

  • As one of the most favorite SMM channels of digital marketing , LinkedIn connects professionals of various backgrounds.
  • It provides professionals with the  opportunity to expand their businesses by connecting  other business professionals.
  • Using widgets, LinkedIn members can promote their customers directly to their Company.
  • The “Company Page” can also be made on LinkedIn which works like a business resume for your client to have a quick overview of your business .

Google+ Marketing :

Google Plus offers a diversity of social media marketing appearance that are examined necessary to know while going through the basics of Digital Marketing .

  1. Circles: Helps marketers make groups or join circles of their likings
  2. Stream: Offers instant updates on preferred contacts or groups
  3. Photos: Helps marketers upload photos
  4. Sparks: Lets marketers determine their area of interest every time they logged in
  5. Plus One: It is similar to Facebook’s  like button through which you can deliberate your impression about any appropriate product or service
  6. Video Chat and Huddles: Helps you clarify all the queries by using video chat efficiency that can be used to channelize live customer cooperation while conference confess marketers to handling group chats.

Video Promotion :

  • Video promotions are among the active styles to reach your prospects. Visual effect establish more authoritative brunt on customer than print or digital text.
  • Video promotion facilitate marketers clarify the product more sufficiently correlated to any other medium.
  • Social Media Marketing on YouTube help marketers turn their viewers into fans then fans into clients.
  • Video promotion also getting a good rating because there is very less competition for video promotion pages.
  • Attaching script with your video helps you get maximum viewers. In addition, you can reprocess your video content into a presentation, transcription, screenshots as podcasts and images, and digital marketing PDF downloads.

3. Online Paid Advertising

Online Paid Advertising, Pay per click advertising or PPC is other essential digital marketing channel that you required to understand while going through introduction to digital marketing. In paid advertising, you require to pay each time a user clicks on your Ad. You require to pay according to your bid amount and one of the most famous pay per click programs is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords :

  • Understanding desire of your PPC campaign
  • Researching on target audiences
  • Proper Keyword Research and conduction of A/B Testing
  • Learning from your competitors’ Ad copy before you make your individual AdWords campaign
  • Keyword grouping and Organization along with Ad groups formation and Management, etc.

Facebook Ads :

  • Facebook offers its users the unique efficiency of paid advertising to advertise their product or services on Facebook.
  • Facebook provide various options like Click to Website, Page Post Engagement, Website Conversion, Page Likes kinds of Paid Advertising options

Twitter Ads :

  • Marketers can directly appliance Twitter ads right into the timeline of Twitter that lets ads naturally fit in, and hence do not distract the viewer’s experience.
  • Twitter is considered especially competent through its promoting Ads and product. Some of the appreciable Twitter Ads are-
  • Twitter new Ads arrival with Download options
  • Ads with click to call button
  • Promoted hashtags, promoted account, promoted tweet
  • Twitter Cards

4. Mobile App Marketing :

Growing popularity of smartphones makes mobile app one of the most essential section of digital marketing . While building your mobile App, below given are the necessary things you require to pay heed upon-

  • You require to optimize social media presence of your App by developing a steady social media following on various social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
  • You should drive engagement across your mobile app by focusing your struggle on boosting ongoing engagement and keep updating fresh content to affect users have interest in your app.

Conclusion :

Social Media ,SEO ,Email Marketing ,Paid Advertising along with Mobile Marketing and Web Analytics are the pillars while making an introduction to digital marketing. In this introduction to Digital  Marketing, we tried to describe all these digital marketing channels in the most deliberate aspect possible.

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Android Training in Chandigarh – CBitss Technologies

CBitss Technologies Chandigarh offers an inclusive Android training in Chandigarh. The extensive practical training provided by Android training institute in Chandigarh equips live projects and simulations. This kind of detailed Android course has helped our students secure a safe job in various multinationals company.

The trainers at CBitss Technologies Chandigarh are subject specialist corporate professionals providing in-depth study in Android course in Chandigarh.

Participants who complete the Android certification have a lot of job opportunities in the industry.

Further, we have kept the Android course in Chandigarh duration flexible. From online classroom to quick track and one to one classroom Android training is given amid weekdays and ends of the week to the participants. Our modern lab is outfitted with most recent technologies helping students avail a fruitful Android training and certification from the institute.

Android training in chandigarh

CBitss Technologies Chandigarh, recognized among the top ten Android training institute in Chandigarh, has training module for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Whether you are a college student, I.T professional or a project manager; the best Android training institute in Chandigarh offers best training environment, veteran Android trainers, and flexible training schedules for entire modules. Also, the best training institute for Android training in Chandigarh asks for a value to money fee from the students. The pocket-friendly Android course fee structure can be afford by students coming from all walks of life.

After Android course in Chandigarh, learning the interview skills indeed becomes mandatory. Along with Android classes in Chandigarh, we have sessions for personality development, spoken English, and presentation. At our Android training centre in Chandigarh, Placement team schedules recruitment drives where the technology-driven branded companies hand-pick our students. Android training in Chandigarh with placement assistance is the key feature which rated us ‘star five’ in the reviews by our aspirants. review and genuine feedback are mentioned in Our official website. CBitss Technologies Chandigarh is one of the best Android training centres in Chandigarh delivering out-of-box thinking professionals to the industry.

CBitss Technologies Chandigarh has a modern lab equipped with latest devices that facilitate participants in having a thorough hands-on experience through live projects. Such training in Chandigarh help the certainty level in participants to face the real time  difficulties successfully in a job. The Android syllabus involved for Android course module on real time venture alongside placement assistance.

Android topics covered are Overview of Android and Android SDK, Setup of Android Development environment, User Interface,  Android Architecture overview, Android Application Fundamentals, Overview of Android Resources, Android Media API & Many more. Check the course duration,content and syllabus given below.

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PHP Frameworks Guide & Best PHP Framework 2019

PHP framework gives you a opportunity to use application development, faster   which spares an extraordinary measure of time and reduces the need to start coding without any preparation, guaranteeing a stable applications development.

PHP frameworks help in simplifying complex coding concerns by providing developers with a platform structure to develop powerful web applications  in a short time. PHP framework lets you utilize fast application development (RAD), which saves a lot amount of time and reduces the need to begin coding from scratch, certify a stable applications development. Without the help of PHP framework , you may find yourself in a trouble when there a requirement to write a code again arise, moreover, executing the connection between your database and the application you develop from scratch is another worry you required to take care. Therefore, using a PHP Framework depreciate your load of work, making it simple for you to make positive this connection. The best thing about PHP frameworks is the comfort in adapting and also you can learn them simply analyze to different other programming languages.

PHP Frameworks


The PHP works on Visual View Controller (MVC) Fundamentals, which is an architectural pattern featured in many other leading script languages. Basically MVC means, M stands for the raw data, the V stands for view/user interface (that is what definitely being viewed, and C stand for the controller which is, in fact, the domain logic. The domain logic is a function which allows operate instructions exchange between your database and your user interface. This makes correct the domain logic and interfaces independently . This clarify the whole developmental process. Once you understand how MVC works, then PHP Frameworks become crystal pleasant and accessible to utilization. Here are few of the best frameworks for your custom PHP web development projects.


Laravel is one of the most popular free open source PHP framework that has expressive and neat language rules, that builds powerful web applications. Laravel was introduced in 2011 which soon became the most famous PHP framework in short  time. Laravel has wonderful documentation and full community support with the more appearance together with strong building tools, big stout applications, with a special inversion control container, communicative migration structure, and closely integrated unit testing maintenance program.


This is one of the most popular and most trusted PHP frameworks among expert developers. Symfony is impressive and helps to deflate the problem of repetitive coding structure and used to build superb websites and apps. Also, it is a proven, most reliable and highly sought after PHP frameworks around the world. It is exceedingly extensible when it comes to setting projects and allows integration with the bigger projects such as Drupal, however, its security appliance is quite hard to use.


Code Igniter is another excellent framework which is known for its classic performance. Basically, this is open source framework and it has the ability to support next generation application development that require interpreted coding. It is true that its coding procedure is simple and configuration is also not complex, and it can be run fluently .CodeIgniter is one of the powerful PHP frameworks that offer interpreted solutions to the complicated coding challenges while creating the web applications.


This is again the most trusted which provides a comprehensive architecture for the creation , maintaining, and deployment applications. Timely extemporized session management helped it stay updated with the latest technology. It also provides the opportunity to create standalone libraries with endless support of expanded modularity.

Yii Framework

The top ten PHP frameworks list will not be complete without Yii Framework. The Yii Framework is a great framework that provides important caching assistance and is overtly developed to operate competently with AJAX. It is true that Yii Framework swift development solutions make it simple for a developer to build applications in a less time. The apps developed utilizing Yii offers an incredible user experience and appearance .


Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is written strictly in PHP 5 and generally , it is an object-oriented framework. It is a easy ple one and has a flexible structure that confess you use a variety of Zend components to boost your application’s functionality. Zend is other incredible PHP framework which is considerably innovative, safe and flexible. Over the years, Zend Framework 1 and 2 have been used in extensive enterprise projects.


This  would be a good option if you want a framework that can provide you high quality, fully checked, personal libraries, and further which can be efficiently utilized in any type of coding structure. Every type of library is self-enclosed and do not confide on any further package. This is especially meant for those, who choose clean coding, completely decoupled libraries, and self-governing packages. It also offers trivial, systematically tested and standard structure.


It is believed by most developers that phalcon is the full-stack framework, written by use of C & C++ language. These languages increase its performance. It is uncommonly inventive ; this is why it is one of the most liked frameworks to establish web applications.


The sustainable PHP Framework was officially developed to host its producer’s personal projects. But, it was introduced for open source. Like  other frameworks, this is definitely not suitable for every application. It has been developed primarily for use with small to medium sized applications.


It is a comprehensive application framework and includes content management system. BlueShoes offers amazing support for Oracle and MSSQL, along with the most commonly used MySQL database.


Overall, no matter where you stand experience-wise, it is certain that using a PHP framework helps greatly in minimizing the workload by simplifying the things and speeding up the coding and developmental procedure , along with decreasing the requirement to write the code again and again. Also, using the right framework also help make your applications more impressive , correct and run smoothly on a fully secure platform, minimizing security risks.

Using PHP Frameworks to develop your applications help you with developing simple, fast and secure applications for the web. However, the success of a project does not depend on the chosen technology but the procedure in which it develops also  matters.


For more information About PHP Join CBitss Technologies . CBitss Provides Best PHP Training in Chandigarh Sector 34A.


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Best New features which coming with Android P

Best New features which coming with Android P – Now that the name of Android version 9.0 isn’t a mystery yet, it’s time to see a bunch of cool and exciting features. This year, Google focused on making our digital life more peaceful and systematic through Android Pie .

Now we discuss some features of Android pie :

Makes Privacy a Priority :

The concern of privacy  is the top priority of smartphone users especially for those who use more than 2-3 applications .With this  in mind, Android P is packed with security and privacy progress updated security protocols, encrypted backups, protected acceptation and more. Android P will allow users to encrypt their backups using the device’s PIN, pattern, or password, before uploading backup on Google drive or other cloud service.

Monitors Brightness :

Adaptive Brightness in Android P determine how you like to set the brightness based on your surroundings, and automatically updates it to preserve energy.

Boosts Battery Life :

Battery drains for mobile users have become one of the most popular problems.In order to improve battery life, Google has partnered with DeepMind to create Adaptive Battery, which gives priority to battery power for the applications and services you use.

Makes Your Smartphone Smarter :

Android P has also introduced a Slices feature that will make your smartphone even more smart  by showing portions of apps right when you need them most. For example you search for “Lyft” in Google Search on your phone and Google will show you the cost and time for a trip to work, and you can order a ride quickly .Feature will change the style you interact with the apps.

Best New features which coming with Android P

Performs Tasks Faster :

Another feature, App activity will help you get to your next task fastly by conclude what action you’ll take next. So if you connect your headphones to your device, Android will recommend an action to resume your favorite specify playlist.

Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT :

Android P now supports the  IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol which is also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time . This is one of the best features Android fans are waiting for.

This new facility enables indoor GPS style tracking by determining your location within a building and facilitating turn-by-turn directions to help you navigate indoors.

This new facility enables you to track the indoor GPS style by helping determine your location within a building and facilitating the move-and-direction of the home.

This means that now you can find your way at a short distance between malls and big buildings.

Dashboard :

When you are watching YouTube videos, playing games, or checking out social media, it’s easy to lose track of time to stick to your phone. That’s why Google has introduced a set of features that let you control how you use your phone.

One of them is ‘Dashboard’ that breaks phone usage data to show how you spend time on your device. It displays :

  • a pie chart specify the time spent in every app per day and also in hour by hour basis
  • total hours are spent on the phone every day
  • The number to unlock your phone
  • The total notifications you received

App Timer :

Another step towards Digital Wellbeing is the App Timer feature that lets you set time deadlines  on apps that you use for a more extended period.

Upon reaching the deadline, a notification warns you that you have reached your deadline  and the app ‘pauses.’ So with Android P, you can better manage your time and improve your productivity.

Do Not Disturb :

Meetings and family association demand your full existence , and Android P is going to help you through its modified Do Not Disturb mode.It not only silences  phone calls and notifications , but also visual interruptions like notifications which often pop up on your screen. Another gesture-based Android Pie feature called ‘Shush’ makes it easy to distance yourself away from calls and notifications by allow Do Not Disturb mode.To activate the Shush mode, just place your phone face-down on the table, and it automatically enters the DND mode.

Wind Down :

Many of us spend hours on phones at night before we fall asleep. Wind Down will help avoid this habit by switching on Night Light and turning on the Do Not Disturb mode at your chosen bedtime.

Just select the time at which you want  to go to bed, and Android P will fade the screen to grayscale to help you remember to sleep at the selected time.

App Actions :

App Actions is another considerable feature in Android P which helps you better navigate through the day by giving smart suggestions based on your habits. It can naturally assume your next action based on the ongoing action.

For example , if you connect your headphones to smartphone, App Actions will ask if you want to continue listening to your favorite playlist on specify , thus confess you to skip considerable steps in the procedure .

Such actions appear in the  entire OS such as Smart Text Selection, Play Store, Launcher, Google Search app and the Assistant.

Lockdown mode :

The current addition to the power menu is the Enter Lockdown button. This is one of the top aspect of Android P which enhances the security of phone.

Once enabled, it disables the fingerprint unlocking option, which can be very useful in unlocking your phone, in case of any attacking force or trick you.

After looking at these features, we can certainly say that new Android P can give other smartphone players a run for their money . If you want to learn more about and you want to make your career in Mobile application Development so for preparation of interview you can read this article – Android Interview Question and Answers .


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Top 10 PHP interview Questions and Answers for 2019 – CBitss Technologies

It is safe to say that you are prepare for the Interviews in PHP Development for the first time and apprehensive for the Interviews that what questions can be inquired?

Try not to be Stressed!

Chandigarh Study encourages you for the preparations of the Top PHP Interview Questions in Web-Development. PHP is an vital part of the web world, and each web designer ought to have the basic knowledge in PHP. Here we are making reference to the list of most frequently of the time asked Top PHP inquiries Questions and Answers in 2018 that will assist you with being set up for the interview for the profile of PHP Developer.


Top 10 PHP interview Questions and Answers for 2019

  • What is PHP?

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most generally utilized open source scripting language, significantly used for web and application development and can be embedded into HTML.

  • What is the meaning of Hypertext Preprocessor?

PHP  previous  began as Personal Home Page tools, created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, and it further gained the name “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor” which is the recursive backronym along the way  to speak to its extended capacities. PHP code can be just blended with HTML code, or it tends to be utilized in mix with different templating engines and web framework.

  • Why is the PHP called Hypertext?

PHP is called hypertext preprocessor as its libraries are as of now aggregated. At the point when a PHP page is arrive, the PHP code is look at or “parsed” by the server the page lives on and the yield from the PHP capacities on the page are ordinarily returned as HTML code, which can be perused by the browser.

  •  What are the primary error types in PHP and how they are different?

In PHP there is three primary sort of errors:

Notification – Simple, non-basic errors that happen during the script execution. A case of a Notice would be accessing an undefined variable.

warning – more essential errors than Notices, in any case, the scripts proceed with the execution. A model would be include() a files that does not exist.

fatal – this kind of errors causes an end of the script execution when it happens. A case of a Fatal mistake would get to a property of a non-existent objects or require() a non-existent document.

Read More –


  • What’s the difference between the include() and require() function?

They both include a particular file yet on require the procedure exits with a fatal error  if the record can’t be included, while include explanation may even now pass and jump to the subsequent stage in the execution.

  • What are Traits?

Traits are a mechanism that enables you to make reusable code in language like PHP where different legacy isn’t supported. A Trait can’t be instantiated on its own.

  • What is the difference between Session and Cookie?

The primary distinction among sessions and cookies is that sessions are put away on the server, and cookies are put away on the client’s computers in the text file format. cookies can’t hold different factors, But Session can hold various factors. We can set expiry for a cookies, the session just stays dynamic as long as the browser is open. Clients don’t approach the information you stored in Session, since it is stored in the server. Session is basically utilized for login/logout purpose  while cooking utilizing for user activity tracking.

  • How will you get the browser’s details using PHP?

One of the environment variable by PHP is HTTP_USER_AGENT which identifies the client’s browser and operating framework.

  • How will you generate random numbers using PHP?

The PHP rand() function is utilized to produce a random number. This capacity can produce numbers with-in a given range. The random number generator ought to be seeded to keep an regular pattern of numbers being produced. This is accomplished used the srand() function that determines the seed number as its argument.

  • What is the purpose $_PHP_SELF variable?

PHP default variable $ _PHP_SELF is used for the PHP script name and when you click on the “submit” button then same php script will be called.

  • How will you redirect a page using PHP?

The PHP header () function supplies raw HTTP headers in the browser and can be used to redirect to another location. Redirecting scripts should be at the top of the page to prevent any other part of the page from loading. Target location: Header is specified as the argument of the title () function. After calling this function, the exhaust () function can be used to prevent the parsing of the remaining code.


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