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SEO Glossary

If you are new to SEO, then you have a knowledge about some important terms like SEO Glossaries that are used in SEO. Here, SEO training in Chandigarh discusses these some terms that are helpful in future.

SEO Glossaries

SEO Glossaries

301 Redirect – To redirect the visitor from one web page to another web page.

Alt Text – Alt text is the description of an image and it tells the search engine what an image is about.

Analytics – Website analytics is the collection of website traffic and user activity.

Anchor text – The actual text of a link to a web page. Anchor text is the text of a hyperlink.

Blog – A part of a website, where we can regularly publish new content.

Bookmark – A link to a web page saved for later reference in your web browser or computer.

Backlink – In SEO, the link from other websites to your site. Quality backlinks come from a reputable website.

Canonical URL – The canonical URL is the best address on which a user can find a segment of information.

Crawler – A crawler is also known as Spider. A crawler is the search engine robot that crawls and index web pages.

Domain – Domain is the main address of your site. For example

Domain Age – Domain age is the information about domain age that how old your domain is.

Duplicate Content – The content that is similar to other websites content or we can say that the content is already available on the web.

Deep Links – Deep links are backlinks to inner pages. For example

Google – Google is the popular search marketing course in chandigarh

GoogleBot – GoogleBot is the Google’s spider or robot.

Heading Tag – Heading tags are from <H1> to <H6>. A text on your website that is placed inside a heading tag.

HTML – HTML is a hypertext markup language. It is a coding part of websites that search engine read.

Hyperlink – A hyperlink is a link that sends a user from one page to another page. Like:

Internal Link – A link from one page to another page on the same website.

Indexed pages – The pages of a website that are stored by a search engine.

Keywords – A keyword is a word that a user simply search on a search engine.

Link Building – The activity and process of getting more links to your website for improved search engine position/ranking.

Landing page – A landing page is a page where a user visit. It can be the home page of a website or an internal page of a website.

Meta Description – A brief description of a page. It should be 160 characters long.

MozRank – An exponential ranking produced by SEOmoz from 0-10.0 of the number and kind of inbound links declaring to a certain website or page on that website.

Nofollow – When we want, the crawler does not crawl the link that we linked to our page content.

PageRank – A PageRank is a rank of a page. It consists between 0-10. It indicates how good your SEO is.

Page Title – The name of your web page, which is shown on the top of your web browser.

PPC – PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an advertising method.

RSS Feed – RSS stands for Really simple syndication. RSS feed is set up with our website or blog so that it can help our followers to always updated when we publish a new content.

Reciprocal Link – A Reciprocal link is a link, where we put the link of another website to our site and this another site put our link to their own site.

Robots.txt – robot.txt file is used to inform our crawler about which page of our website not to index.

SEO tools – There are so many tools available to perform various SEO task.

SERP –  SERP is the search engine result page, i.e, the page which displays after the user search according to their need.

Sitemap – Sitemap is the map of a whole website. It collects all links of a website to a single page that help crawler to crawl website easily.

Social Media – It is the online media where we share anything.

Traffic – Number of visitors, visit our page.

Traffic Rank – Traffic rank is the ranking of a site i.e, How many visitors visit our page as compare to other visitors.

URL – The web address of a page on your site.

SEO training in Chandigarh works on all these terms (SEO Glossaries)  that help customers to know more about search engine optimization.

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Professional and Short term Computer courses in Chandigarh

Short term computer courses in Chandigarh

Today’s era jobs are difficult to found without a technical knowledge in any field. So, students must choose courses wisely that help them to get a job easily. In these days jobs are limited, but the competition for a job is increasing day by day. This has lead unemployment of a large number of people. To overcome these problems, there are so many Short term Computer courses in Chandigarh that help students to get a job easily in any field.

Short term computer courses in Chandigarh

 List of numerous Professional & Short term Computer courses in Chandigarh:

Web Development courses: There are so many programming and software development courses like C, C++, PHP, Java, Dot Net etc. These courses help students to get a job easily in software development field. Nowadays, software developers are very much in demand in IT companies. A person which have a knowledge of development can also work at home through freelancing. Join PHP training in Chandigarh for learning deeply web development concepts.

Web Designing: Web designing courses is deal with various elements that help to design a website. Designing is very interesting part of websites development. It consists of some coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP etc. Web designing course in Chandigarh help you to get a job easily and also you can work independently.

Basic Computer and Typing courses: All should have a knowledge of basic computer. Microsoft office provides a various software that helps us in various fields. We know, we all have a basic knowledge of MS word, Excel and power point. But, we don’t have a full knowledge of all these. There are so many advanced features in all software. And on the basis of this software knowledge and also according to your typing speed, you get a job easily in a reputed company.

computer courses in chandigarhComputer hardware and Networking: Computer networking is the field of computer science that allows computers to exchange data or information. In networking, data can be exchanged with a wired system or with a wireless system. It’s very interesting field and jobs are easily available. Companies approach students in networking as a Linux administrator, Network Administrator.

Mobile application Development: In today’s time, mobile application development is the passion for a new generation. Everyone want to build their own mobile application. So, Android training in Chandigarh become the first choice of every student.

short term courses in chandigarh

Data Entry Courses: Data entry job is an easy job. Most of the companies require a data entry operator. This course is also helpful to get Govt. Jobs.

Accounting Courses: Numerous accounting courses provided by us to students according to their requirement. We provide national and international software training like Tally ERP9, QuickBooks, MYOB etc. It depends upon student requirements that which software they want to go. For more details about various Accounting courses in Chandigarh, then you can contact us.

Digital Marketing course: Digital marketing is the best approach to promote your business online. It’s a very easy approach and also very interesting technique. A person who is not from technical background can also learn this technology easily. It also helpful to get a job easily.

These are some of the Short term computer courses in Chandigarh which is provided by CBitss Technologies and these are helpful for our future, our career and our growth.


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Features of PHP version 7

In PHP, we know different different CMS we used. But, the question arises that Do your sites run on these PHP enabled CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal? If you said no, then i have a news for you that PHP releases new version named PHP 7, which have all features that meet up your requirements. But, PHP 7 is still in Development phase so we don’t use it for production whenever it will be finally released.


Features of PHP 7 :

Why Named PHP7 (Not PHP6) : We currently used the version number PHP 5.6. After some problem, developers decide to release a new version named PHP6. This version is already existed, but it is not reached at the production phase. So, to prevent users with latest development, developers release new version named PHP7.

New Zend Engine : We use Zend Engine with current version of PHP5 series that enhance the functionality of initial engine and adds an extensible object model and a significant performance enhancement to the language. So, PHP7 release the brand new version that coming under the name of PHP#NG (Next Generation).


Increase the speed : The most important advantage of the new PHPNG engine is performance improvement. It optimized memory usage. With PHP7, not only your code will executed fastly, but we also need fewer server to serve the large amount of users.


Facilitates Error Handling : To handle a fatal and catchable fatal error is not an easy task for developer or coder. The new Engine Exception allow us to replace these kind of errors. The New engine exception can give result in two kinds of exceptions in error handling : traditional and Engine exceptions.

Add Anonymous classes : PHP7 enables you to use Anonymous classes. An anonymous class is a class without a name. If anonymous classes are used well, then they speed up coding as well as execution time. Anonymous class is good when a class is used only once during execution.

Facilitates Imports from the same Namespace : The new feature will be good for those who want to import many classes from the same Namespaces. It will make you code easier and save you lot of typing time.

64-Bit Windows system support : The PHP5 series not support large files and 64-bit integer. PHP7 will change it and introduces consistent 64-bit support. So, now it support 64-bit integer and also support large files.

Enables accurate type declarations : The new PHP7 version enables developer to enhance the quality of their code with the help of return type declaration.

New spaceship : The spaceship operator runs under the name of combined comparison operator and it look like this : <  =  >. It is also known as Three-way comparison operator and its also exist in other languages like Perl and Ruby. The spaceship return value 0, if both operands are equal, return 1 if the left operand is greater and return -1 if the right operand is greater.


The goal of PHP7 was to free up the space that enable improvement.

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Reviews about Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest version of Android, after Marshmallow. Nougat is finally been released as a public, but it can handled by Google’s Nexus branded devices only. Nougat provides a lot of major things or improvements over Android Marshmallow. Nougat is used to improving features, extending functionality and also expanding possible things.



There are some new features that are redesigned and extend the functionality of our android phone and that is so much interesting and useful for us. Here we discuss about some extending features of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Split screen Mode : Nougat now deliver us a Split screen mode. Split screen mode is work in both landscape or portrait mode. Split screen mode can be activated by long – pressing an app. It’s a very interesting feature in Android, then we work as a multitasking system.

Quick Switching : Quick switching is basically a shuffling between two recently used apps. When we swipe downward from the top then we show up some of the the applications like Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, Airplane mode etc. or the apps the hidden in the second menu window. So, this problem is solved by Nougat by launching quick switching features. So, we can show all menus in a single window at a time.


Direct reply without leaving an app : In this feature of Android N, Notifications are more organized, interactive and detailed. We are replying to messages inline and take action on other notifications. We are taking actions on app that i have been using all day and it include archiving, snoozing and dismissing with a quick tap on the notification.

Doze mode : Always we hear about battery saving problem, when mobile phone is stationary. So, Doze mode released with Marshmallow, and now it step up energy saving software techniques. So, it expand the limit of battery saving.

There are so many techniques and features of Android that users like and work with all features.

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Computer Courses in Chandigarh

Computer courses in Chandigarh


This is era of computers. Everything now a days is possible just because of computers. Computer’s highest utilization can be proved with the single phrase that is “people are earning these days by just sitting at their homes working on computer and Internet”. Working from home is Freelancing. Everything now a days is digitalis. Computers in any form has covered almost whole world. Starting from Smart phones to servers, Paying your bills online, doing your banking online, making cars, building buildings and making airplanes with the help of robots or anything else you can imagine is getting possible just because of an universally used device which is known as COMPUTER.

We all know the importance of computer. You also might be taking interest in it and also want to make career in computers as it is future. If it is so, what you need to do then? This article can help you to choose your career option in computers.

Here you can see some Training Programs which can help you to choose your career option in which you want to proceed. Read all of them carefully.

Computer Basics course

You can start your training from computer basic course in which you can learn about computer’s basic fundamentals, functionality and about its components. After that you will be proceeding towards computer application part where you can learn MS Office. MS Office contains some special programs which are named as, MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point. This can enable you to make basic documentations for your official tasks and you can also learn about how to make presentations for your courses or for job presentations. This course will give you complete fundamental knowledge about computer.

SEO Training in Chandigarh

If you are good in computer fundamentals and want to do some interesting courses, you can opt SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is Advanced Internet Technology in which you will learn how to promote websites to make them on top of any search engine. This is totally internet based technology where doing interesting task you can earn. This technology also enable you to work from home which is very much in trend these days. Working from home is also known as Freelancing. Freelancing can lead you towards your own business. You can even establish your own company by start working on this internet technology named SEO.

Web Designing Training in Chandigarh

If you are good in Drawing something and you have a good sense of designs you can opt a very interesting technology named Web Designing. In this course you will come to learn about how a website page is gets designed. In this course you will learn about HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, Photoshop and Corel Draw. When all these tools will merge up a very beautiful job profile will come out. Same as SEO, you also can do Freelancing for Web Designing jobs. You can make career in this technology named WEB DESIGNING.

PHP Training in Chandigarh

There is one more field where your career can shine like anything. If you like coding and you are good in that you can start learning PHP. PHP is a web development course in which you learn how to develop a website or how to make a website functional. In this, coding part is also involved where your skills in coding will also be used. There are so many job opportunities in this technology and PHP Developer also can do Freelancing. Choose this technology, learn it and you will become PHP developer.

Android Training in Chandigarh

This is the era of Smart phones. Everybody these days are using smart phones to make their daily life routine more efficient. Android technology is playing best part these days in everyone’s life to make their life more interesting and more efficient. Why I am focusing on more interestring and efficient again and again. Let’s discuss it.

How smart phones with Android making life interesting?

There are so many features in Android operating system which makes smart phones more interesting. Capturing photos, making videos, Editing images and videos, Music, Watching movies, playing games and many more things are there which make a Smart phone more interesting. You must be aware of one latest game which is Pokemon Go, have you seen that how this gave made people to come out from their houses and to walk around the city to catch the Pokemon. This how a smart phone can make your life interesting.

How Smart phone make your life more efficient?

Smart phones these days are actually becoming more smarter. You can do advanced management tasks and can schedule you daily life routines so that you can be more efficient to whatever you do. You can move to any new location in the world without getting lost, and it is possible just because of Android apps and Smart phones. You can schedule your monthly budget, can set reminders for important tasks, can make special notes, can do banking from your smart phone itself and many more things are there which can help you to make your tasks so easy and efficient.

Special Note:- All the upper said statements tells that how much Android and Smart phones have grown and have taken a special place in everyone’s life. Parallely jobs in Android are also increasing like fire in the forest. You also can opt Android Development field to make you career in it and I assure you that if you are good in that, nobody can stop your way to grow in it.

Computer Network and Server Administration Fields

Linux Training in Chandigarh

Do you want to start working on big computers? Do yo want to work on Servers who are giving service to whole world? Do you dream this? So, you can do all this. And now the question in your mind is HOW? Let’s come on the point how it is possible.

All servers in this era is migrating from Window to Linux just because Linux is very much Secure and Free operating system. Being Free of cost, More Secure, Open Source and Virus free made operating system more desirable these days. All small scale and large scale companies are migrating from Windows to Linux. All users are now a days using Ubuntu except using windows. Nobody can challenge on using original and Free operating system.

As almost every company is using Linux these days, in result of that job vacancies in Linux are increasing day by day. So if you want to make your career as Linux Administrator or System Engineer you need to choose Linux as career option.

CCNA Training in Chandigarh

Working on computer is not only the limit of learning. If not, what else can be done further? You must be knowing that we can share resources and data from one computer to another by connecting them between each other. Connecting two or more than two computers and making them sharing resources and data between each other in COMPUTER NETWORKING. You also can take CCNA Training in Chandigarh to make your career bright in computer networking field.

All these courses can make your career bright and you can become professional by doing any of these courses. You can contact us for any Computer Courses in Chandigarh by calling @ 9988741983.

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PHP Training in Chandigarh

PHP Training in Chandigarh
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CCNA Training in Chandigarh
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I am really satisfied with CCNA Training in Chandigarh at CBitss Technologies. All credits goes to my professional trainer & CBitss. They trained me well with many practical exercises.

CCNA Training in Chandigarh

CCNA Training in Chandigarh
Rated PHP training in Chandigarh 5/5 based on 9969 reviews


  • web designing company in chandigarh

    Amit Thakur

    CBitss Technologies is a place where I got the right track for my future as i have completed my course from here and now, I am working in a MNC company. All trainers are well experienced and motivate to learn more & new things. I am feeling proud that i am a student of CBitss and also thankful to our mentors.

  • Android course in chandigarh

    Harman Singh

    Miss. Pooja has multiple methods to make learning fun and easier for students. She has always been excited in sharing her creative ideas with us through practical & logical approach. A special attention is given to every individual student so that one could do practical work independently.

    I am proud and thankful, beyond words, for being a part of CBitss Technologies.

  • Mandeep Singh

    The technology experts who have been provided by this training organization have been highly skilled professionals. They have been willing to take on the full role of a real mentor in this organization and have been accountable for standards within an outstanding training environment.

    I am delighted with the level of training & placement services offered by CBitss Technologies.

  • php industrial training in chandigarh


    We were all hugely pleased with JOB placement provided by CBitss Technologies just after completion of our training.Being girls we found homely environment. The feedback here is that it was by far the best expert trainers we've ever seen.
    Along with technical skill on latest technologies, we were also given inspiration and urge to do hard work by virtue of which we could get JOB.

  • Best android training institute in chandigarh


    I would strongly recommend CBitss Technologies because they have dedicated JOB placement department which groom the candidates for interview preparation and skill development. The way they keep on informing the candidates about new job vacancies and need of job is really a helping tool.

  • SEO training institute in Chandigarh - Bhavna


    Digital marketing is one of the best and easiest strategyfor marketing. I have done digital marketing course from CBitss Technologies. It is one of best SEO training institute in Chandigarh, which are thoroughly discussed all SEO techniques used to get top Google ranking of our website. All staff at CBitss are very co-operative and give all their attention to students.
    “ I am very happy that I am a part of CBitss Technologies and I have learnt many new things from CBitss.”

  • web designing course in chandigarh sector 34

    Gurpreet Kaur

    CBitss Technologies provide me excellent training in Web Designing. I enjoyed working with all of my instructors. I have learned a lot from Web designing training in Chandigarh during my six month training. Competent instructors, up-to-date material, and an overall outstanding quality of training and facilities provided by CBitss Technologies. A special attention is given to all students, so I think CBitss is a Best place for learning Web designing.
    “ I am thankful for being a part of CBitss Technologies.”

  • php training institute in chandigarh

    Rajneesh Singh

    The staff at CBitss Technologies are always very polite and helpful and have dealt efficiently with our queries or concerns we may have had during entire training.
    They are pro-active in checking if everything is satisfactory and I would highly recommend their services. Today I am working in IT park Chandigarh and whole credit goes to my mentors at CBitss.

  • Redhat linux certification in Chandigarh

    Diwaker joshi

    All staff at CBitss Technologies connect with the candidates at an emotional level and made a lasting impression. Specially, Mr. Navneet Sharma is passionate and persuasive trainer, and his ability to ignite the trainees into action is remarkable,his creative designs and his explanation that makes us to think is marvellous.

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