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Computer Courses in Chandigarh

Computer courses in Chandigarh


This is era of computers. Everything now a days is possible just because of computers. Computer’s highest utilization can be proved with the single phrase that is “people are earning these days by just sitting at their homes working on computer and Internet”. Working from home is Freelancing. Everything now a days is digitalis. Computers in any form has covered almost whole world. Starting from Smart phones to servers, Paying your bills online, doing your banking online, making cars, building buildings and making airplanes with the help of robots or anything else you can imagine is getting possible just because of an universally used device which is known as COMPUTER.

We all know the importance of computer. You also might be taking interest in it and also want to make career in computers as it is future. If it is so, what you need to do then? This article can help you to choose your career option in computers.

Here you can see some Training Programs which can help you to choose your career option in which you want to proceed. Read all of them carefully.

Computer Basics course

You can start your training from computer basic course in which you can learn about computer’s basic fundamentals, functionality and about its components. After that you will be proceeding towards computer application part where you can learn MS Office. MS Office contains some special programs which are named as, MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point. This can enable you to make basic documentations for your official tasks and you can also learn about how to make presentations for your courses or for job presentations. This course will give you complete fundamental knowledge about computer.

SEO Training in Chandigarh

If you are good in computer fundamentals and want to do some interesting courses, you can opt SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is Advanced Internet Technology in which you will learn how to promote websites to make them on top of any search engine. This is totally internet based technology where doing interesting task you can earn. This technology also enable you to work from home which is very much in trend these days. Working from home is also known as Freelancing. Freelancing can lead you towards your own business. You can even establish your own company by start working on this internet technology named SEO.

Web Designing Training in Chandigarh

If you are good in Drawing something and you have a good sense of designs you can opt a very interesting technology named Web Designing. In this course you will come to learn about how a website page is gets designed. In this course you will learn about HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, Photoshop and Corel Draw. When all these tools will merge up a very beautiful job profile will come out. Same as SEO, you also can do Freelancing for Web Designing jobs. You can make career in this technology named WEB DESIGNING.

PHP Training in Chandigarh

There is one more field where your career can shine like anything. If you like coding and you are good in that you can start learning PHP. PHP is a web development course in which you learn how to develop a website or how to make a website functional. In this, coding part is also involved where your skills in coding will also be used. There are so many job opportunities in this technology and PHP Developer also can do Freelancing. Choose this technology, learn it and you will become PHP developer.

Android Training in Chandigarh

This is the era of Smart phones. Everybody these days are using smart phones to make their daily life routine more efficient. Android technology is playing best part these days in everyone’s life to make their life more interesting and more efficient. Why I am focusing on more interestring and efficient again and again. Let’s discuss it.

How smart phones with Android making life interesting?

There are so many features in Android operating system which makes smart phones more interesting. Capturing photos, making videos, Editing images and videos, Music, Watching movies, playing games and many more things are there which make a Smart phone more interesting. You must be aware of one latest game which is Pokemon Go, have you seen that how this gave made people to come out from their houses and to walk around the city to catch the Pokemon. This how a smart phone can make your life interesting.

How Smart phone make your life more efficient?

Smart phones these days are actually becoming more smarter. You can do advanced management tasks and can schedule you daily life routines so that you can be more efficient to whatever you do. You can move to any new location in the world without getting lost, and it is possible just because of Android apps and Smart phones. You can schedule your monthly budget, can set reminders for important tasks, can make special notes, can do banking from your smart phone itself and many more things are there which can help you to make your tasks so easy and efficient.

Special Note:- All the upper said statements tells that how much Android and Smart phones have grown and have taken a special place in everyone’s life. Parallely jobs in Android are also increasing like fire in the forest. You also can opt Android Development field to make you career in it and I assure you that if you are good in that, nobody can stop your way to grow in it.

Computer Network and Server Administration Fields

Linux Training in Chandigarh

Do you want to start working on big computers? Do yo want to work on Servers who are giving service to whole world? Do you dream this? So, you can do all this. And now the question in your mind is HOW? Let’s come on the point how it is possible.

All servers in this era is migrating from Window to Linux just because Linux is very much Secure and Free operating system. Being Free of cost, More Secure, Open Source and Virus free made operating system more desirable these days. All small scale and large scale companies are migrating from Windows to Linux. All users are now a days using Ubuntu except using windows. Nobody can challenge on using original and Free operating system.

As almost every company is using Linux these days, in result of that job vacancies in Linux are increasing day by day. So if you want to make your career as Linux Administrator or System Engineer you need to choose Linux as career option.

CCNA Training in Chandigarh

Working on computer is not only the limit of learning. If not, what else can be done further? You must be knowing that we can share resources and data from one computer to another by connecting them between each other. Connecting two or more than two computers and making them sharing resources and data between each other in COMPUTER NETWORKING. You also can take CCNA Training in Chandigarh to make your career bright in computer networking field.

All these courses can make your career bright and you can become professional by doing any of these courses. You can contact us for any Computer Courses in Chandigarh by calling @ 9988741983.

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Top 5 SEO Tools

There are so many tasks in SEO which are very much time taking. Time taking task can lead towards wastage of time. So now the main question is how to save our time? This article will help to save time and you can come to know about some most interesting and time saving SEO tools. Let’s check them out…

In this tool you can check your complete OnPage SEO of your webpage. You can check that on which page you have made some errors which are need to be corrected. This will show you detail information about your webpage but this tool is paid actually. You can check your webpage’s OnSite SEO only once. After that it will ask for sign up. You can clear browser’s cache to use this tool again and again to check you OnPage.


SEO Doctor

SEO doctor is the addon and extension for both web browsers Firefox and Chrome. This is the addon which will help you to check health of the webpage you have opened in the browser. This will merge in address bar and you can click to check status of the webpage by clicking on it. This will show you OnPage errors if they are existing in your website. After checking them you can correct them and can check them again if they are resolved or not.

SEO Doctor cbitss

This is the tool which helps us to see Google Snippet of our webpage. Here we can check that meta tags putted in out webpages are visible to Google or not if our meta information is not visible to Google it will give the error. On the basis of that error you can check them and can correct the error. This tool will really help you to see crawler view of your webpage.


Google Webmaster

After finishing your OnPage optimization you just need to verify your ownership of the website. That can be done on You need to add your website in Google webmaster and after adding it you can submite your Sitemaps, Robots.txt and can fetch your website as Google. This will help you to call crwaler frequently to your webpage or website.

Google Webmasters

Google Analytic

This is the tool by which you can trace all your traffic coming towards your website. You can check in very detail that from where, How much and for how much time people are coming to your website. You can check that from which location your user is coming to your website and by which resource this traffic is coming. From this tool you also can download a detailed report which can be sent to you client as well.

google analytics

So these are the best tools which will help you to make a deep check on your webpages or your website. You also can do SEO Training in Chandigarh to become SEO expert. After this training you also can start freelancing. For more details you can call @ 9988741983.

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How to make a wordpress site SEO friendly

WordPress is a best CMS these days to create a effective and attractive website. Majority of people are making their website using wordpress CMS these days. But there is still one obstacle they are feeling which is SEO for wordpress website. If anybody want to promote their website which has been made in wordpress, what are the key points which has to be taken in their consideration for its SEO is the main thing to be focus on. So here we starts.


  1. Content in Post or in Pages


When we create any post or a page in WordPress website we need to make that content SEO friendly. Put your focus keywords in that post or in page which will provide that in information to Google by which we want to be on top of search engine.


  1. Use Permalinks and make URL with your keywords


You should use your permalinks which will contain keywords in it for example If you will choose your URL like this that can boost you this url on top of search engine.


  1. Install SEO Plugins


In wordpress website you need to install some plugins which are dedicated to make your webpage SEO Friendly. You can install either “All in One SEO Pack” or you can use “SEO Yoast” to make your webpages SEO friendly. These tool will enable you to put Meta tags on pages or posts. These tags will be easily accessible by search engine crawlers and will defiantly position your website on top of search engine.


  1. Install Plugin for Sitemap


You have to install one more plugin for wordpress website which will be to generate sitemaps for the website. You can install plugin named “Googlel Sitemap Generator”.  This plugin will automatically generate sitemap for the websites and and even will update it automatically. Make sure that you need to submit this sitemap in too.


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5 Best SEO habits for daily SEO works

There is nothing like doing SEO for a website. In my words it world’s most enjoyable job and most interesting task we do. But sometimes it get so irritating when any of the link of our project website get stuck in any position. If your link is stuck in one position and even not moving ahead for top rank on Google then it becomes more irritating. Now my question is this that if you are facing the same problem what you do? Playing tricks and doing experiments on links which are not moving up/down is a kind of hectic game. This is recommended that if you are doing SEO for any website you should follow a protocol or a strategy which will never let you stuck in this kind of problem. But if you are facing this problem, lets know what we can do for this.

1. Social Bookmarking Submissions

Doing social bookmarking is best activity because it instantly gets approved and it has a linked information for Google Crawler about our project website which is suppose to be on top of search engine. We have many high PR website which really push our webpages to become on top of search engines. In a day you can do 10 social bookmarking submissions for your site in high PR social bookmarking websites . It will really help your website to move up.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also a very good way to move your rank. You prepare list for blog commenting websites and do them on daily basis. That again will be beneficial for your website ranking. In a day you can do 10 blog commenting which can lead your websites towards top rankings.

3. Making Blogs

Blogs these days has become most effective medicine for our website ranking. You need not to do anything just create blogs and start putting little content into them. In that content stuff your keyword there and link it with your project website. You will be thinking that what is the benefit of this procedure. I will tell you. You can check in blogging that link which are directing towards your website arr Dofollow links which is beneficial for user as well as for crawler. It really do magic for the links which are stuck in position.

4. Making infographics

Infographics are very much in trend these datys. Most of Internet users now a days like to read content in interesting way. They are less interested to read big articles. So infographics can be best way to reach people like them. In infographics there is not only visual information but also links information can be given. You can link your website with that infographics you have made to promote your website.

5. Forum Posting

In forum posting many of the people put their doubts, inquiries and discussions in them to make a huge discussion on any topic. There user who is promoting his/ her website can contribute and can put a link there of his project website which will be more beneficial for his/her website ranking.

These are some ways by which user can move up and can improve ranking of the project website. Try it an make your link rank high in any of the search engines.

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Greatest Off Page SEO Techniques.

1. Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is massive in these days! Generally familiar as “Online Reputation Management”, allot elaborate with social  media sites is the crucial step with which we initiate to advertise, market and constitute/build our online reputation within our niche.

2. Search Engine Submission

Search engines will finally find our site online, but that can take a while. To speed each thing up, we should submit our website to the most extended search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

3. Directory Submission

Directory submission is completely based on how conclusively we are choosing those directories and how efficiently we are selecting the category for submission. You could submit to familiar directories, but for maximum growth, you are better off submitting to niche directories.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best approach to promote your website online. By writing a blog for our website, we convey a reason for visitors to have returning to our site and keep up to date with our current posts. It also benefits search engine to crawl our site more periodically, as they have to update our current blog post entries, which basically helps you rank above or higher in search engine results pages.

5. Blog Marketing

Post comments on another blogs within the equivalent niche as ours, which confess us to add a link in the comments area. These links can then be crawled by search engines, helping to point them against our site.  These blogs are generally referred to as “Do-Follow” Blogs.

6. Forum Marketing

Find forums online that are relevant to our sites niche and have involved within that community. Response to threads, answer peoples questions, endeavor advice, etc. These all helps us to build up our reputation as someone who is an professional within that niche. Effort to use “Do-Follow” forums so that we can add a link to our site within our signature, which helps search engines crawl our site.

Digital marketing course in Chandigarh

7. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one more great way of promoting our website. Submit our current blog posts and pages to the most prominent bookmarking sites, like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc. Search engines actually like these types of sites as a result of the content on these sites is renovate regularly.

8. Link Baiting

Link baiting is another famous way of promoting our site. If we outcome a really popular different post for our site, then other people may wish to link to it. May be we have copied or published other website’s content on our own site, then do not forget to place their website link as a reference. Do it for another and, if our content is authentic, let others do it for us. This is other way to boost our link popularity.

9. Photo Sharing

If we have used any of our own photos or images on our site, then we can share them on various major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc. Another people will be capable to see them and comment on them, surely following a link to our site.

10. Video Marketing

Like a photo sharing, if we have any videos that we have used on our site, then we can submit them to sites like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. that confess people to find our content in another way.

11. Business Reviews

Write reviews about another person businesses or ask our friends or clients to write a review related to our business in major business review sites like RateitAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder, etc.

12. Local Listings

Depending on our site’s niche, we might find that listing in local directories may be effective. We may have a website that promoting our local business, therefore rather than going global and facing extensive competition, listing our website locally, so that search engines can efficiently view our website and fetch the content, will be much better. Submit our website to sites like; Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, etc.

13. Article Submission

If we write our articles itself, then we can submit them to famous article directory sites like; Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, etc. This can benefit us to drive traffic to our site, although we can also achieve some links to our site from different people.

14. Social Shopping Network

If we run an e-commerce website, then a exceptional strategy for advertising and branding our products for free is to submit then to online shopping networks. By submitting our products to sites like; Google Product Search, Yahoo Online Shopping, MSN Online Shopping, and other major social shopping network sites like Kaboodle, Style Feeder, etc. then we increase the probability of people finding the products that we are selling.

15. Answer Questions

We can strongly participate in answering questions on sites like Yahoo Answers. By answering and asking important questions on our site niche, we help to increase our reputation as someone that is an expert in our selected field. We can place a link to our website in the source section if needed so that people can efficiently find our site. If we do not spam, this is one more tremendous way to boost our link popularity.

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PHP Training in Chandigarh

PHP Training in Chandigarh
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CCNA Training in Chandigarh
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I am really satisfied with CCNA Training in Chandigarh at CBitss Technologies. All credits goes to my professional trainer & CBitss. They trained me well with many practical exercises.

CCNA Training in Chandigarh

CCNA Training in Chandigarh
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  • Amit Thakur

    CBitss Technologies is a place where I got the right track for my future as i have completed my course from here and now, I am working in a MNC company. All trainers are well experienced and motivate to learn more & new things. I am feeling proud that i am a student of CBitss and also thankful to our mentors.

  • Harman Singh

    Miss. Pooja has multiple methods to make learning fun and easier for students. She has always been excited in sharing her creative ideas with us through practical & logical approach. A special attention is given to every individual student so that one could do practical work independently.

    I am proud and thankful, beyond words, for being a part of CBitss Technologies.

  • Mandeep Singh

    The technology experts who have been provided by this training organization have been highly skilled professionals. They have been willing to take on the full role of a real mentor in this organization and have been accountable for standards within an outstanding training environment.

    I am delighted with the level of training & placement services offered by CBitss Technologies.

  • Kamini

    We were all hugely pleased with JOB placement provided by CBitss Technologies just after completion of our training.Being girls we found homely environment. The feedback here is that it was by far the best expert trainers we've ever seen.
    Along with technical skill on latest technologies, we were also given inspiration and urge to do hard work by virtue of which we could get JOB.

  • Khushlender

    I would strongly recommend CBitss Technologies because they have dedicated JOB placement department which groom the candidates for interview preparation and skill development. The way they keep on informing the candidates about new job vacancies and need of job is really a helping tool.

  • Bhawna

    Digital marketing is one of the best and easiest strategyfor marketing. I have done digital marketing course from CBitss Technologies. It is one of best SEO training institute in Chandigarh, which are thoroughly discussed all SEO techniques used to get top Google ranking of our website. All staff at CBitss are very co-operative and give all their attention to students.
    “ I am very happy that I am a part of CBitss Technologies and I have learnt many new things from CBitss.”

  • Gurpreet Kaur

    CBitss Technologies provide me excellent training in Web Designing. I enjoyed working with all of my instructors. I have learned a lot from Web designing training in Chandigarh during my six month training. Competent instructors, up-to-date material, and an overall outstanding quality of training and facilities provided by CBitss Technologies. A special attention is given to all students, so I think CBitss is a Best place for learning Web designing.
    “ I am thankful for being a part of CBitss Technologies.”

  • Rajneesh Singh

    The staff at CBitss Technologies are always very polite and helpful and have dealt efficiently with our queries or concerns we may have had during entire training.
    They are pro-active in checking if everything is satisfactory and I would highly recommend their services. Today I am working in IT park Chandigarh and whole credit goes to my mentors at CBitss.

  • Divaker joshi

    All staff at CBitss Technologies connect with the candidates at an emotional level and made a lasting impression. Specially, Mr. Navneet Sharma is passionate and persuasive trainer, and his ability to ignite the trainees into action is remarkable,his creative designs and his explanation that makes us to think is marvellous.

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