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5 Simple Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

Attracting online shoppers can be complicated. While your website may seem professional and include social evidence and trustworthiness, you might overlook less obvious design elements that can affect conversions. But do not worry; You don’t have to be a web designer to understand and implement these 5 simple Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions.

Few Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

5 Simple Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

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1. Choose the correct colors.

When choosing colors for your website, you should not simply choose your favorite. Instead, you should consider the emotions that each color will convey and if that emotion matches your brand. It is commonly believed that certain colors affect the way we feel about a business, even if we decide to make a purchase.

It is believed that the color blue, for example, evokes feelings of trust, strength, and reliability, which is why companies like Dell, Ford, and American Express use it. On the other hand, companies like Lego, Nintendo, and YouTube chose red because it tends to evoke excitement and youthfulness.

Therefore, consider the colors of your website to convey to your audience. Do you sell healthy lifestyle products? Then think about choosing green to evoke peace and growth. And also keep in mind that using high contrast colors helps highlight the most important elements, such as call-to-action buttons.

2. Consider the typography.

Just as colors cause-specific emotions in people, so do fonts, so you should choose the typography for your website that represents your brand accurately. For example, if your company makes handmade furniture, you might consider choosing a font that tells your audience that reliability and comfort are important to you.

In addition, creating enough space between lines of text will make your content easier for users to read. The magic line height (the space above and below the text lines) is 150 percent of the font size you are using.

3. Use the negative space.

Negative space refers to the space between all the different elements of your website, such as the one between the header and the content. A lot of negative space on your website is really a good thing since it allows you to concentrate on the most important elements, such as a striking main image and a call to action, and general readability.

4. Choose an F pattern.

Pattern F refers to the way our eyes move when we read online content. Usually, people scan from left to right at the top of the screen, then their moving eyes scan down the page, scan to the right again, but less than at the top of the screen. Then, the area of ​​the page that gets the least visibility is the lower right corner. This eye movement finally resembles a form of “F” or “E”. When implementing your F-Pattern, place your most important elements and your calls to action in the areas that will be most visible. For example, if you place your call to action on the top left of your website page, you will stand out among your visitors and get more clicks.

When designing your company’s website, you cannot think about what your company wants or needs. On the contrary, you should think about what is best for your visitors. Use these simple design tips to improve the way users consume the information they need most, and an increase in conversions is sure to follow.

5. Unique Selling Point

The unique selling point of your website differentiates you from the huge pool of websites that exist. To get the attention of the user, your web design must have a unique design that separates it from the crowd. However, in addition to getting the user’s attention, make sure that your USP also stays in the user’s mind.

6. Respect Users’ Patience

Or rather, impatience. It turns out that people are incredibly impatient, especially when it comes to surfing the web, a one-second delay in page load time results in a 7% reduction in conversions!

In terms of web design principles, this means that you must verify the speed of your page and solve any problem, run your site through one or more of these free tools:

  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix
  • KeyCDN

Now you know how your web design can boost the conversion of your website. Simply implement the above principles and Simple Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions. You will see more visitors and surprisingly more conversion rate.

I hope you benefited from reading it. We are CBitss Technologies, one of the best institutes of web designing training in Chandigarh

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5 tips to create an effective website for your business

If you are running a small business and feel it is time to expand and reach a clientele beyond the small town you had attended, you should start by creating a website. You can set it up yourself or go to a web design services provider company in Chandigarh. It is important to know that the website is not only a piece of decoration, but that it is partially responsible for managing your business and should make it work.

But how do you make sure it works? The website has two main functions: the first is to attract and involve consumers and the second is to encourage them to become customers. Customers could enter your store or better yet, they could simply offer you business on your website. To perform its functions effectively, you must ensure that your website is equipped with some basic features. Must be able to make the visitor spend time exploring the website; If you do not, it is time to rework your website to  make it effective.

Creating an Effective Website for Your Business

It must look attractive

The first impression of a website is permanent. If it doesn’t impress a visitor for the first time, you may never get it to be your customer. Work on the website to make it look welcoming and attractive. It doesn’t have to have nice images to make it attractive; in fact it can really distract you. It is important that it appeals to your customers. Therefore it must contain elements that the customer can relate to.

Avoid adding too many elements, but enter enough to communicate your message. Clutter can cause your message to be lost, but for some industries that might be a good idea. So you do not have to generalize, but adapt it to your needs. This transformation does not have to cost you much. If you wish, you can use the various free themes available  online. 

Provide easy access to contact information

The website must prominently display your full contact information. You could have it on the home page or you can have a separate page with detailed contact information, complete with the physical address, email address, telephone numbers and links to various social media platforms where you are present. 

If you do not like to take random calls, you can add a contact form where they can fill in all the details so that you can contact them. Another option is to have a live chat session on your website. The customers can immediately remove the doubts by chatting with the employee or chatbot

Show off your happy customers

Nothing is more convincing than a satisfied customer and you have to take full advantage of this. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and ratings on the website. This works well when new visitors see them. Impressed by the positive feedback from other customers, they also feel encouraged to add their name to your customer list.

You can also present your customers on a separate page by prominently displaying the logos of your valued customers, awards received and media attention. You can talk about some of your successful projects that show off your best work

Share information via a blog

A blog can be interesting to read if a variety of information is available to your customers. It keeps the visitors involved. For this it is important that your message is creative, informative and entertaining – all at the same time. Share information about events and developments in your field, along with interesting tips on how they can make full use of your services. These also ensure that you are established as an expert in your field.

Encourage action from your consumers

Of course you cannot simply tell your customers that they should do business with you, so you must work strategically to make them take a small step forward. You can ask them to like your presence on social media. They can subscribe to your newsletter or maybe contact you if they are not yet ready to become a customer

If they are ready for business, you are and you must offer them the best service. You can then encourage them to leave a review for the benefit of other consumers like them.

With the website in place with just the right elements, you should expect some growth in your business, but you will also need to use some SEO activities that can be planned by your web designing training in Chandigarh. An old website can cause the consumer to lose interest and all your efforts to be lost. That is why you must continue to update the content on your website. You must not forget that maintaining the website is just as important as designing it.

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Android Instant App: a native application experience without installation

How attractive would it be if an application opens on the device without downloading and installing it completely? An active and committed user base is one of the key factors when measuring the success of an application. The Android Instant application is one of the newest ways to reach as many users as possible and involve them with the functions of your application without installing the entire application. The Android instant app feature allows users to open their application module as the standalone application via URL. URL-based access to your application module makes your application searchable and accessible everywhere, not limited to emails, press releases, Google search results, blog posts, and social media links.If you want to learn more about Android Instant Apps then we provide Android Training in Chandigarh for those who want to make their career in this field.

How does an Android instant app work?

An instant app has an associated URL. Every time a user touches that URL, Google Play finds an instant application associated with it, Google Play then sends the APK of the function corresponding to the requested function to a user’s device and the Android system starts the instant application. If Google Play cannot find an instant application that matches the URL, the Android system broadcast an attempt to handle that URL. To make sure, Google Play Store finds a matching instant application, each instant app must have a unique URL and an associated entry point.

Android instant apps

The instant application has a specific project structure. You can create a new app with Android Studio 3.0 that will have an instant app module or you can add a new instant application module to an existing project. The project structure includes the base features and other APK applications. If you want to extend only one features as an instant application, then the base APK is sufficient. You will have to add other features modules to generate APK features if you want to support several features in the instant application. The basic APK feature ideally contains shared resources for multiple features. Each feature APK must have an entry point activity that will be called when the URL is hit to access the instant application. Each time a user requests one of the features of the instant application, the base APK and the features APK are obtained from the Play Store mapped with the corresponding URLs. If a user wishes to access another features, only that APK of the features is downloaded, since the base APK is already downloaded and is still available in the cache. The instant resources of the application remain in cache for a few hours, but there is no application installed

Why Upgrade To An Android Instant App?

Creating or adding the functionality of Android instant app to an existing Android application requires some effort. However, it may be worth taking those extra effort considering some of the great benefits that instant apps can provide to a company that invests in a mobile application.

It helps you reach new users

When you are Doing app marketing or preparing to promote applications for early users, at some point you would like users to visit your app in the Google Play Store from your website, social networks, promotional links or even from videos. But there is a possibility that most users still do not press the install button in the Google Play Store. Instant apps can be beneficial in cases where new users can see a couple of the features of the application by pressing the links of marketing material without installing the app. This can help you reach new users and better understand user behavior.

Provide native user experience to users who are not installing the application

Because the instant app can share resources with the original native application, it can help you offer the same flagship Android experience to all your users: one that installs a native app and another that uses instant app for functions.

It helps users to access the features of their application even with limited Internet connection

The Internet connection is improving day by day, but sometimes it still faces problems with poor connectivity. Then, users struggle to access their application or even face a problem downloading and installing it. Users can simply access the desired features without installing the application.

Beneficial for location and time sensitive app

Location-based applications are not new. However, if users are not going to frequently use location-based or time-sensitive applications, it makes no sense to force users to install their application. The instant application can increase the attractiveness of the location and time sensitive applications, as users do not need to install it and can be easily accessed by pressing the URL.

Ensures that the shared content is used in the best possible way for your application

A user who shares the content of your application is one of the most useful ways to reach new audiences, so you may have to make the best first impression. Previously, it was difficult to provide a constant experience for users who do not have their app installed on their devices, but instant app allow you to promise a native and trouble-free experience for everyone

Design Guidelines For Instant Apps

Android instant apps provide a new and unique way for users to use applications. These are native Android applications, but they can run without an installation on the device. Each instant app has a corresponding version for users to install.

Due to the distinctive way in which users interact with instant apps, developers must follow some of the specific design guidelines. These are some of the best practices to create a reliable user experience with an instant app.

Provide a constant landing screen for the application

Users can start their instant app and access it from several different sources, such as the Android launcher, from the search or the icon of an application. You must provide a universal landing experience for all these instances.

Avoid creating any welcome screen added

The launch experience of an instant application includes the app title,brand and the app launcher icon. Avoid creating an additional welcome screen for instant application experience.

Do not change your user interface

The transition from an instant version of the application to its installed version should be as smooth as possible. Do not change the user interface or design in your instant application

Check before asking users to log in

Provide users with more functionality as possible without having to register or log in to a service. Wait until the user tries to use a features that needs to be authenticated before reminding him to log in. These login reminders are considered less intrusive to users if they instantly see the advantages of logging in.

Allow users to complete a task before displaying the installation message

Do not ask users to install the application every time. Let them complete a task in the instant app without being disturbed by the installation message such as “Get the application”, “Update” or “Install the complete application”. Also, avoid using any advertising technique or banners to present the installation message.

Remove non-functional sections of the application

Whenever you change your application to the instant application, there may be some non-functional sections of the UI of the instant app that only have an installation button. Remove any of those parts of the application

Transfer the status of the user’s stored application after installation

After the user installs the application, be sure to transfer its stored application status to the instant app using local storage or cookies. Users must be able to start over where they left it in the application.

Provide an option to share instant app URLs

Since an address bar is not provided for users in instant applications to copy the URL, you must include a “share” action within the application that allows users to share the URL of your instant app.

Check your performance metrics

The number of facilities may not evaluate what your business really needs. Your users should be able to complete the main tasks without installing your application. In addition, you should be able to eliminate friction between users and their KPIs

What Is Supported By An Instant App?

  • Instant applications work on most Android 5.0 devices (API level 21).
  • The single project and the source tree are good for supporting the instant application. You must follow the project structure for instant support.
  • Use runtime permissions. Since the application is not installed on the device, it is not possible to take permissions before starting the instant app.
  • Smart locks are compatible with the instant application. If an instant application needs to log in, you must implement smart password locks.
  • Instant app can be discovered in Google search.
  • NDK supports the instant application for devices with 5.0+
  • It supports deep links.
  • Supports Google Analytics and Firebase.
  • Dynamic Firebase links work with instant apps.
  • Ads can be added to instant apps

Restrictions And Limitations Of Instant App

  • An instant app does not support background services.
  • You cannot send notifications.
  • You cannot access the unique identifiers of the device.
  • You cannot simply create the instant application. You must also have an installable version.
  • Registered manifest broadcasts do not work with instant apps.
  • External access content providers are not compatible with the instant app.
  • The instant app does not access external storage.
  • You cannot list installed applications unless installed apps have made them visible for instant applications

Where does the instant app fit in the real world scenario?

Consider that an application shares social networks and when a user touches the link, request to install the application to view the content. Or if a user needs to install a complete parking application and the user does not visit that city very often. Annoying, right? Most applications are designed in such a way that they force users to install the entire application just to complete one or two tasks.To overcome this poor user experience, Android has introduced instant apps. You can modularize your complete applications into smaller modules that can allow the user to complete an individual task without installing the complete app.

Should You Start Building An Android Instant App?

Therefore, it is ultimately a situation of mutual benefit for companies and users, since the instant app helps you get more users for your business and users also get the advantages of no download/app installation function to enjoy desired functions.

Extending your app to instant apps seems promising if you create appropriate use cases for this. It is possible to build a successful Android instant application by approaching an experienced Android application development company.

By taking advantage of the features offered by Android instant applications, you can grow intelligently and attract the audience of mobile applications for your business and stay ahead of the competition.

 If you want to learn more about Android Instant app then Android training in Chandigarh is the best place for you. 

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Insights and applications of HR Analytics

Insights and applications of HR Analytics are required in the field of statistics, analysis and modeling of employee-related factors to improve business results.

HR analytics is also often referred to as :

  • People analytics
  • Talent analytics
  • Workforce analytics

The graph below provided by Google Trends shows search interest for these terms. Both the terms HR analytics and personal analytics have grown in popularity and continue to gain interest.

These terms are often used interchangeably, although some discuss the differences. Definitions of HR analysis tend to include a larger scope of data, while personal and talent analysis refers to data points that are specific to people and their behavior. Some prefer the concept of workforce analysis because of the growing tendency to automate tasks with robots, which can be considered as part of the workforce

Now we discuss here
Insights and applications of HR Analytics :

HR analytics allows HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to manage, attract, and retain employees, improving ROI. It helps managers make decisions about creating better work environments and maximizing employee productivity.  It has a big impact on the finish line when used effectively

HR professionals collect data points across the organization from sources such as :

  • Employee surveys
  • Telemetric Data
  • Attendance records
  • Multi-rater reviews
  • Salary and promotion history
  • Employee work history
  • Demographic data
  • Personality/temperament data
  • Recruitment process
  • Employee databases

HR leaders must align HR data and initiatives with the organisation’s strategic goals. For example, a technology company might want to improve collaboration between departments to increase the number of innovative ideas built into their software. HR initiatives such as shared workspaces, collaboration tools, corporate events, and employee challenges can be implemented to achieve this goal. To determine how successful initiatives are, HR analyzes can be used to examine the relationship between initiatives and strategic goals.

When data is collected, HR analysts feed labor data into sophisticated data models, algorithms and tools to gain actionable insights. These tools provide insights in the form of dashboards, visualizations and reports. An ongoing process should be implemented to ensure continued improvement

  • Benchmark analysis
  • Data-gathering
  • Data-cleansing
  • Analysis
  • Evaluate goals and KPIs
  • Create an action plan based on analysis (continuously test new ideas)
  • Execute on plan
  • Streamline process


  • Retention
  • Employee Performance
  • Recruiting
  • Employee Development
  • Workforce Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Compensation and Incentive Programs


The cost of replacing an employee can be over 200% of their annual salary, according to Actual costs may even be higher due to training / onboarding, lost productivity, recruitment and reduced morale among other employees. Losing an employee who is in the top 1% of the artists can mean the difference between growth and decline. For this reason, reduced fatigue and improved employee engagement are often the highest priorities for HR departments. HR analysis can help improve retention through a core analysis that looks at data points such as

  • Current churn rate
  • Attrition by department
  • Attrition by estimated commute time
  • Similar attributes of employees with longer tenure
  • Similar attributes of employees who leave within 1 year
  • Onboarding experience
  • Survey data
  • Qualitative data such as employee interviews
  • Employee performance data to forecast future attrition

Through this data-driven strategy, HR analytics can highlight the major causes of fatigue, and new policies, along with training programs, can be introduced to mitigate the problem. For example, data can show that employees with high ambitions are not challenged or that employees are frustrated by a certain management style. Human resources analysis will reveal these issues, and then it is up to the leadership to act. It is also possible to detect an employee in the risk zone before leaving so that preventive measures can be taken to solve problems. For example, once high performance may not be as productive as he or she feels he or she is underpaid. An analysis of productivity along with a comparison of market value wages can help detect this.

Employee Performance

When qualified candidates become more difficult to find and retain, performance evaluation improvements can prove to be extremely valuable. HR analysis utilizes your employees’ data to determine who your best and worst performers are, based on factors such as past work experience, length of employment and to whom they report. Common characteristics between groups of employees can arise, which can be used to motivate employees properly and ensure that they receive the right rewards. Career development is also an important component of monitoring because employees are much more likely to leave if they are not satisfied with their career plan. Analysis of marketing degrees, campaign waiting times and qualitative data from employees helps HR to meet employee expectations and keep them motivated. Leadership characteristics may arise with some employees and companies can determine which characteristics correlate with future leaders. HR can then promote this potential, resulting in long-term ROI for the organization.


Organizations must first determine who their ideal candidate is and what skills are required for the job. This can be discovered through discussions with hiring managers, analysis of previously successful positions and available market data. Organizations can then match their needs to where the largest pool of applicants with that competence is located. For example, the best cities for public relations jobs are according to Forbes Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C., so a recruiter may want to focus efforts in those cities if they can’t find local talent for the job. Similarly, a recruiter can look at college-graduated tasks to see where the best new talent is if they need to fill a starting position. Talent acquisition teams must also adopt channel optimization strategies based on recruitment analysis. A continuous process for evaluating which channels drive the best candidates at the most effective price is extremely important. Data analytics can reveal that one source has a lower cost per applicant, while another can provide the best talent. HR analytics can also be used to create the best recruitment message for the right candidate based on internal data, open source and third party data. This is all data that HR analytics platforms can consume and convert into easily digestible formats such as dashboards and charts. Recruitment is strongly based on metrics collected during the interview process. Important statistics include :

  • Average number of applicants
  • Number of applications to offer
  • Scheduled maintenance windows for system patching, security updates, and AWS infrastructure management
  • Number of final rounds to offer
  • Offer acceptance rate

Over time, HR analysts can see which candidate characteristics predict the best employees. Previews are often used to test candidates, and analysis can help determine what types of questions this exam should include. For example, a candidate who applied for a Python developer role can be asked a series of questions to assess competence within the program.

Employee Development

Nearly 40% of American employers say they cannot find people with the necessary skills for employment levels and almost 60% say entry-level candidates are not professionally prepared.

HR analytics also plays an increased role in the evaluation of employee development programs to close the skills gap. Analytics tools can help human resource management assess the needs of the company, allocate resources to train employees who are most likely to meet those needs, and then evaluate the results. The goal is to close the skills gap so that a company can compete with ever more agile global competitors.

Data visualizations that are fed by employee and customer feedback data can show the evolution of staff professional growth. For example, a retail clothing chain may discover through customer feedback that sales companies are friendly, but have trouble offering excellent customer service when goods are not in stock. A staff development program can be set up to educate employees on the keys to customer success. This can take the form of a pilot training program for employees in those places of low performance

The best employee development and talent management programs align the employees’ goals with the business goals, and investments are often dependent on the ability to tie these to revenue. The process is successful when ROI is achieved and creates a feedback cycle where success increases revenue and investment in development.

Workforce Planning

Not only do organizations need to ensure that they have employees with the right skills at the moment, but they must also be able to anticipate future departures or changes in the organization’s needs, especially for business growth. HR needs a data-driven strategy to successfully navigate the ever-changing composition of the organization’s talent. This ensures that staff strength and capacity planning are optimized.

For example, an electronics OEM may need to anticipate a greater need for call center support with the launch of new products in the next quarter. Again, HR must be adapted to the company’s goals and future changes. Predictable analytics and data analytics platforms are changing how HR can use and anticipate these changes

Employee Engagement

A committed workforce is crucial to attracting and engaging talent. The challenge is to determine what factors will result in revenue for the company. This makes employee engagement a very difficult metric to quantify and take action.

How can HR analysis help with employee engagement?

  • Statistical analysis of survey data for employee engagement
  • Discriminatory analysis to identify the needs of different segments within the organization
  • Factor analysis to correlate engagement initiatives with retention and productivity
  • Inform testing of new ideas to measure lifting in engagement

Google is a perfect case study of how people analytics can be used to increase employee engagement. They are one of the most computer-driven cultures in the world. Its People Operations team uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative data to measure what employees value most and to keep them engaged

They discovered, through a combination of employee surveys and productivity analytics, that great managers tend to have the following qualities:

  1. Coaching skills
  2. Does not micromanage
  3. Is genuinely concerned for the well-being of employees and expresses this
  4. Results-oriented
  5. Excellent communicator (listens and shares)
  6. Develops employees
  7. Clear vision and strategy for team
  8. Possesses key technical skills to help guide team

Compensation and Incentive Programs

Compensation is often the largest business expense, which underlines its importance in the organization’s decision-making. Data analysis platforms can help analyze large volumes of employee and market data to achieve a competitive advantage. Smart HR analysts will keep track of what competitors offer to employees to ensure that the highest talent is drawn to the company. They can also look at exit surveys during the recruitment process and rejected offers to better understand the compensation and incentive landscape. HR analytics can provide

  • Incentive programs to motivate employees to maximize productivity. Data analysis can provide insight into the most influential monetary and non-monetary benefits. For example, the HR department may implement a referral program where employees receive a bonus for referring to new hires. With enough data, HR can determine what the perfect bonus amount is and cross-references this to the increase or decrease in the quality of employment.
  • Sales team motivation is another application. What quota should be allocated to each seller and what should their bonus structure look like? This may vary by law, region and products sold.
  • Executive compensation analysis needed to attract and retain top executives. HR analytics can analyze the market prices of managers at similar companies, bonuses that motivate properly and benefits to provide. This is crucial to the direction of the organization and can either make or break it

What are the Benefits of HR Analytics?

In summary, HR analytics will move from an operational partner to a more strategic center of excellence. The companies now realize that the company’s success is based on people, and HR analysis can light the way from intangible theory-based decisions to real ROI by:

  • Better employment practices
  • Reduced retention
  • task Automation
  • process improvements
  • Improved staff experience
  • More productive labor
  • Improved workforce planning through informed talent development

What are the Biggest Challenges of HR Analytics?

The path to useful HR analytics is not always easy. There are several challenges that organizations need to overcome in order to reap the benefits:

  • Find people with the right skills to collect, manage and report on data
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Quality
  • Too much data to analyze or not know which data is most important
  • Data integrity and compliance
  • Prove their value for executive leadership
  • Binding measures and insight into ROI
  • Identify the best HR technologies to keep track of the information

If you want to learn more about Insights and applications of HR then HR Training in Chandigarh is the right place for you.

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5 Techniques for Improving Website’s UX in 2019

5 Techniques for Improving Website’s UX in 2019 : User experience is important to the success of any product or service and websites are no exception.

Having a good online presence is as essential as having a clean and tidy storefront; a business’s website is its face. Nowadays, users are experienced about web design and have come to expect a certain level of refinement.

As the bar rises greater, many businesses, especially small ones, can feel affected by intentions to afford a well-designed website UX. However, correcting user experience is not as tough as it may seem, and even a small struggle can turn into a huge benefit.

Design Advisor has noted that increase user experience can lead to better search rankings, more business leads and increased revenue.

Now we discuss here 5 Techniques for Improving Website’s UX in 2019 :

Providing attractive content is key to a good website UX. Nowadays, visitors want more than a purchase; they want an experience. A great style to obtain this is by maintain an engaging content strategy.

1. Provide Engaging Content 

Effective content strategies target on telling a brand’s story with the aim of establishing a connection between a business and its client.

With the right strategy, content can come in any format such as a blog post, vlog, or even a separate website. Using content to establish a brand identity helps to assure that potential clients know more about who they are obtaining from.

Familiarity increases trust; 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a business after reading their custom content.  

2. Use Layout Strategically :

When it comes to styles, brutalism continues to be on the rise in 2019. Brutalism involves a raw and minimalist access to layouts with a target on user experience. Alternatively, a beautiful, artistic site, can go a long way in establishing your brand as a leader in the market and a true risk taker.

If you want to be more conservative, thinking in terms of how a layout can help a visitor understand the information being presented is the style to go.

Other trends that have popped up are minimalism and broken-grid layouts. These trends also highlight the usefulness of reducing clutter, which we will consider later in the text in more detail.These 5 Techniques for Improving Website’s UX in 2019 is very beneficial for all the designers.

3. Provide Information Concisely and Efficiently :

Visitors go to websites with the objective of getting some sort of information. The previous statement might seem redundant, but some businesses don’t seem to understand this based on their web design.

By providing information in an elegant and structured way, you can assure that a user gets what they came for.

Web designers today suggest to be gravitating toward simpler designs. Many are achieve bullet point lists to convey information and experiencing considerable results.

While 55% of users look at lists without bullet points, 70% look at lists with bullet points. Providing information in a clear way is also effective, as businesses can ensure they convey the intended message successfully and draw attention to convenient elements.

4. Don’t annoy your visitors :

Up until now, all our tips have been about things you should do. However, it’s equally as essential to discuss what you should avoid at all costs when it comes to web design and user experience.These 5 Techniques for Improving Website’s UX in 2019 is play a big role.

Website visitors are defined to pop-ups, autoplay and information bombardment to the extent that makes them appreciate it when a site avoids the temptation to implement these annoying features.

When designing your web presence, steer clear from clutter, walls of text, background music and videos that play automatically. These factors absolutely don’t help visitors feel at home.

5. Optimize your website :

Lastly, it’s important to work on the backbone of your site; factors such as speed and mobile responsiveness have a extensive effect on user experience.

This, in turn, has importance on revenue. For example, high expectations when it comes to website speed mean that when a site is perceived as slow, a visitor is less likely to buy from it. In fact, slow websites are predicted to cost $2.6 billion in lost sales per year.

Things like site speed optimization and mobile responsiveness are not too challenging or expensive to appliance , as there is a plenty of web services and tools that can help test a site’s performance and optimize any required features.

Affording a stellar user experience is the best style to inspire site visitors that your company is, in fact, the right choice.

Most of the trends and tips we have discussed here are simple to implement and don’t needed a lot of resources or struggle , while some may require a more thorough redesign.

By doing these things, you’re making a clear statement that you care about the type of experience users have with your business, and this is the best brand message you can convey.If you want to learn more about this then Web Designing Course in Chandigarh at CBitss Technologies is the best place.

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PHP Training in Chandigarh

PHP Training in Chandigarh
Rated PHP training in Chandigarh 5/5 based on 9963 reviews

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Python Video

Python Training In Chandigarh

CBitss offers Python Training in Chandigarh with most experienced professionals. Our Python Course in Chandigarh will cover each and every aspect of python which is necessary for you to know in order to become the most sought-after candidate for the companies.

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Python Training in Chandigarh
Manpreet Kaur
Web Designing Course in Chandigarh 5/5 stars

I joined Python Training in Chandigarh which is Provided by CBitss Technologies. The best Thing – Their Training is based on Live Projects and Hands on Practical Knowledge.

Python Training in Chandigarh

Python Training in Chandigarh

Rated PHP training in Chandigarh
/5 based on 3969 reviews

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Chandigarh’s First Youtube Channel-Video Management Laboratory Setup

Adwords video Certification

SEO courses in chandigarh

Adwords Search Certificate

best seo training institute in Chandigarh

Adwords Shopping Certification

SEO course in chandigarh

Adwords Display Certification

SEO course in chandigarh

Google Analytics Certification

Best SEO training in chandigarh

Bing Ads Certification

digital marketing course in chandigarh

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Java Training in Chandigarh

March 15, 2018

Android Training in Chandigarh 5/5 stars

I have done my Java Training in Chandigarh which is offered by CBitss Technologies and it is the best place to get training from basics to advanced level.

Java Training in Chandigarh

Java Training in Chandigarh

Rated Java Training in Chandigarh 5/5 based on 9636 reviews

Student Review

Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh

Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh
5/5 stars

I completed Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh. It does a great job of explaining the high-level concepts of Cloud to beginners like myself.

Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh

Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh

Rated Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh
/5 based on 9363 reviews

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