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How to put your Resume online?

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How to put your Resume online?

Points to remember before uploading your Resume

  • Resume tells the complete profile of an individual.
  • Your resume decided that you get a job or not, because your resume initiate your job process.
  • Good interviewer ask only that things in interview, which you are mentioned in your resume.


How to put your resume online?

Industrial training institute in ChandigarhMost of the time, when we post a resume online, we fill out various fields, such as name, address, email address,  phone number etc. Then, we paste the bulk of our resume into a big scrolling text box. Most sites require us to paste particular plain text, also called “ASCII” (that are known as American Standard Code for Information Interchange). Some grant us to paste HTML, which can prepare for a spiffier-looking end product if we know what we are doing.


Posting a text resume
When we are pasting plain text into a text box, make sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Do not use any special characters or symbols, like smart quotes or mathematical symbols.
  2. Left justify each thing in our resume.
  3. If we must indent, do not use tabs; only use spaces instead of tabs.
  4. Place in a hard break at the end of each line; do not let words wrap to the next line.
  5. Use Courier, if possible, and do not use any other fonts.
  6. Save our document as a text file.
  7. Check spelling in our resume, before we save it. Proof read it after we paste it.


Telephonic Interview Etiquette’s :

Answer the Phone call Professionally

Do not answer the phone by saying, “Hello?” Instead of saying Hello, We need to use “This is ____.” Fill in the blank with our first name. This is generally how people answer the phone calls in the business world.

Speak with Enthusiasm

Our voice tone is illustrating our body language so that it is most important to speak with inflection and display some personality. Try to sound enthusiastic rather than of monotone.

Be Persuasive

An interview is not the time to be gentle. We need to sell/express ourself. Do not forget sight of the goal just because we are on the phone instead of face-to-face.

Answer Succinctly

Remind that one of the objective of a phone interview is to weed out candidates. Phone interviews are meant to be stored short. That means we have a limited extent of time to sell ourself. Answer questions thoroughly, but try not to babble or talk in circles.

Be Polite

Since we cannot read the body language of the interviewer, it is more problematic to see when they are about to speak – composing it accessible to interrupt. Be cognizant of that fact. Also memorize to smile and say thank you.

Take Notes

Write down everything that the interviewer tells us at the time of telephonic interview. It may be essential later on in the interview process.

Inquire About Next Steps

Ask when we should anticipate hearing something back from the company. Also make sure we have contact information from the interviewer.

Send a Thank You Note

Thank you notes are always the polite thing to do, and they make us stand out from the other candidates.

Industrial training institutes in Chandigarh

There are numerous online job portals like Shine, Monster, Naukri & Indeed. We can easily apply on these job portals for job and submit resume. We are CBitss Technologies, providing Industrial training in Chandigarh. While interview preparation we train our students on different tips and tricks for applying on different online job portals and we also train students that How to make effective resume.


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