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Latest PHP Trends in 2018

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Latest PHP Trends in 2018

Latest PHP Trends 2018

PHP is one of the most simple to use the server-side scripting language. PHP frameworks are developed to complement PHP in many ways as they cater a basic structure and enforce the developers to use coding standards and development guidelines to stabilize the product and standardize the process. So this helps to reduce complication & facilitates developers with all the enjoyment to focus on their particular areas without affecting the development of other modules.I have listed down some of the main PHP frameworks which will continue the popular choice for developers in 2018 as well.

Now we discuss the Latest PHP Trends 2018 with the PHP Training in Chandigarh.


According to our current search of Google Trends, it can be definitely observed that Laravel framework stands out & stands above all the frameworks listed and shall stay at the top in 2018. Since 2015’s Sitepoint survey showed that Laravel framework has an excellent authentication, robust features and a growing support company which made Laravel a clear winner in the list of PHP frameworks. Till now with the launch of Laravel 5.5 framework, Google Trends has endorsed an increase in Laravel search results across the globe.

Laravel Framework supports different major container such the Blade Templating Engine, Artisan, eloquent ORM, Middleware, PHPUnit for Unit Testing, RESTful controllers & being the first one to introduce routing in an abstract way. All because of these expand features many companies started providing Laravel Development Services to improve their business.

One of the greatest practical of Laravel is the action it holds NoSQL format like MongoDB & more. It is easy & convenient for any developer to get started with Laravel because of its excellent documentation. If you are a developer who requires working with PHP then it is very useful to become a PHP Laravel developer.

latest PHP trends 2018


This framework, which has more than 11 years, shot to a character to the beneficial different use of resources, directness, convenience, designed for developers of any level, the cut of restrictions. Laravel is starting to empower as a challenger CodeIgniter so that until newly it was a universal benchmark.

  • CodeIgniter Reactor great support associate, including libraries, modules, templates, and documentation.
  • Templates to work with databases, which are very same to SQL syntax.
  • The circumstance of caching on the server side.
  • Using the package administrator for quick connection of the libraries from the command line.

  • PHP training in Chandigarh


    Symfony is one of the parts of Latest PHP trends 2018. Symfony has been promoted for a while now as a very stable, high performance, well documented, and modular project. Symfony is accepted by the French SensioLabs and has been established by them and its society to be an exotic framework.

  • Symfony defines MVC while much other groundwork tries to simply follow MVC rules.
  • The designation of Symfony also assemble it accessible to latch errors and to compose high-quality code; its association is growing every year.
  • Symfony is The leading PHP framework to create websites and web function.
  • Laravel uses Symfony.

  • Symfony is used by different expand name companies like the BBC and open authority projects such as Drupal and eZpublish. Symfony was written with balance in mind in a very professional way. Its documentation is expanded and its community is just huge. Thus used for architecture both accomplishment REST APIs, as well as absolutely field web applications.



    Yii is considered as the best framework in a lot of PHP frameworks. This framework furthers the development of any kind of web app. It is known for being fast & adjustable. Yii 2 is available to install as it handles recent technologies & is approved up by the huge set of appearance. Moreover, it supports high availability with great security & encourages testing. The launch of Yii 2.0 beta has proposed interest developers with its advanced functionalities, features, changes, bug fixes & more. Yii 2 supports PHP 5.3 and some of the users have been genetic rom Yii 1.1. Now, we work according to Yii framework latest PHP trends 2018.


    Being one of the original frameworks CakePHP maintain its user base & is regularly but continuously spreading. It also has a remarkable portfolio contain big brands such as Express & BMW. Alike CodeIgniter, CakePHP is an ideal framework for a learner. It also supports the rapid evolution of commercial web apps. It has built-in code formation with a scaffolding functionality to develop the speed of development & numerous packages to carry out general functionalities. The configuration system of CakePHP is a breath as it impairs the requirement for undesirable difficult files such as XML or YAML config files. Faster builds are one of the main appearances along with the security features which include measures to prevent cyber-attacks.



    Zend Framework is prominently known for its go-to professional framework. It is generally used for powerful enterprise-level applications. It is constructed with a comprehensive set of features such as security, extensibility in mind & performance. Zend isn’t ideal for rapid application development as it was developed with a focus on company applications and has an enterprise consumed nature with the support of numerous components such as feeds, forms, services and more.

    If you want to learn more about Latest PHP trends 2018, so visit PHP Training in Chandigarh at Sector 34A.

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    PHP Training in Chandigarh
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